As the weather starts to change, so does our skincare routine. With dryer air and less humidity, our skin can start to feel tight and irritated. This is the perfect time to start using a serum to help hydrate and nourish your skin. To help you get started,

Garnier is now offering free samples of their new Skincare Serum! All you need to do is apply on their website. So don’t wait, try it today!

NEW Garnier Free Sample Opportunity for Canada 2022!

Product Review Opportunity for Garnier® SkinCare

ChickAdvisor (Butterly) is giving some lucky Canadians a chance to try Garnier \Serum 

It comes in 4 different blends.

  • Garnier® Hyaluronic Aloe Replumping Super Serum with Glycerin + Hyaluronic Acid + Aloe Vera
  • Garnier®Vitamin C* Super Glow Serum with Niacinamide + Vitamin C* + Salicylic Acid

To apply to be one of the lucky chosen ones to try a sample for free, simply fill out the form at the link below and answer several questions in the survey.

Good Luck.

Free Product Opportunity Rules:

  • Must be a ChickAdvisor Member (its FREE)
  • Recommended to have an active account with a minimum of 5 reviews
  • Take a few questions survey.
  • Only a Select FEW will be chosen!

Click Here to Apply

Apply for this opportunity by April 6, 2022

Selected candidates will be contacted by e-mail in 2-3 weeks.

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Free Sample

    Garnier BB Cream

    Have you heard of this revolutionary product?

    No more fussing with a dozen skincare products to get the perfect result. This all in one cream gives you the following results;

    • brightens skin tone
    • reduces imperfections and wrinkles
    • and even protects your skin from damage

    Garnier Olia

    Hair colour without ammonia. This is one product that you can feel good about using. I often wonder about the harmful effects of ammonia while using some of those other hair dye products on the market today. With Garnier Olia, you don’t have to worry.

    You get the same vibrant colour without the added chemicals—permanent but gentle results.

    Garnier Fructis

    The Fructis brand of Garnier products can help you with your hair needs. From breakage to colour protection, you are sure to find the perfect product.

    Some others to look for include;

    • anti-dandruff
    • clean and fresh
    • colour shield
    • fall fight
    • fruit sensations
    • hydra recharge
    • long and strong
    • pure clean
    • sleek and shine
    • triple nutrition
    • volume extend

    Depending on your specific needs, one of the above products should do the trick. Experiment and have fun!!