Save with Harveys Coupons Canada! If you love beef or chicken, or perhaps just craving a hotdog, Harvey’s fast food restaurant might be a restaurant for that quick pit stop on your travels.

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Harveys Coupons Canada: Savings

Save money with these hot Harveys coupons for Canada. You can choose to print or show the Cashier this savings coupon right from your phone.

Harvey’s has brought out a full coupon page filled with various offers. It is provincial-based, but here’s an example of what you will find this week.

Harveys Mobile App Coupons

Download Harvey app to get a Free Burger with Harveys Coupons

If you love Mobile Apps, You will love Harvey’s Mobile Application. Harvey generally updates the App with new deals approximately once per month.


Mobile App Coupons!

  • Premium 2 can dine $15.99 ( Angus, double original Crispy Chicken etc
  • 2 Can Dine $14.49 ( Original Burger, Veggie Burger, Fish Sandwich or Hot Dog Combos)
  • Angus Meal Deal $8.09
  • Original Meal Deal $7.19
  • Chicken Meal Deal $9.49
  • Signature Regular Poutine & 20 oz Soft Drink $6.99
  • 8 PC Nugget Meal Deal $9.99
  • 2 for $5.00 Jr Cheeseburgers
  • 2 for $4.00 on Jr Chriispy Chicken or Jr. Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches
  • BOGO $1.00 on any Original or Veggie Burger
  • 5 PC Nugget Meal Deal $6.99

After 8 pm Only ( Eastern Canada Provinces – Ontario/Atlantic)

  • Poutine Snack Pack $9.99 Coupon Code LN07
  • Poutine & Drink $6.99 Coupon Code LN01
  • Nugget Snack packs $9.99 Coupon code LN05

GET A Burger for $3 when you place your first order through the App with this Harvey’s coupons code: 3BURGER

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There is no cash value, and taxes are extra. This offer cannot be combined with other offers. This coupon is valid for participating in Harvey’s Restaurants only.

Get The Harvey Mobile App on IOS or Android

Harveys Coupons Canada Codes and Deals I Mobile I Print I Promo Codes

Harvey’s Coupons: Print Coupons:

  • 2 Can Dine + Donuts & Burger combos & donuts – $13.99
  • 2 Can Dine + Donuts with sandwich combos  & donuts – $15.99
  • 2 Can Dine + Donuts with sandwich combos  & donuts – $15.99
  • Signature Poutine and drink – $6.99
  • Junior Snack Pack $6.50
  • Chicken Sandwich Meal Deal $7.99

After 8 pm Only ( Eastern Canada Provinces – Ontario/Atlantic)

  • JR Burger Meal Deal $3.99
  • Late Night Poutine Meal Deal
  • Poutine Snack Pack  $9.99

and all the above mentioned in Digital mobile coupons

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These Harvey’s coupons expire 



FREE Harvey FRIES ( FRINGES)- Harveys coupons Canada

FREE Frings

Sign up for Harveys Newsletter, and Get Free Frings to purchase a sandwich! So if you want to try Harvey’s, now is the time to sign up for their newsletter! You will also get a free Birthday discount on the week of your birthday.

Free delivery After 8 pm

Plus, Get Special Deals & Coupons with Harvey’s After Dark

Plus, You can still get Special Harveys Coupons Canada after 8 pm (They will automatically show on your phone through Harvey’s Mobile application after 8 pm.

Limit 1 use per customer per week.


Harveys App – Exclusive Offers:

Use these Harvey’s coupons After 8 pm

Order through Harvey’s Application and check off the offers you plan to redeem

How to Use Harvey’s Digital Coupons Mobile

Order through Harvey’s Application and check off the offers you plan to redeem, or you can order online through their ordering system and enter the Coupon Codes at checkout.





Use these Harvey’s coupons After 8 pm

  • Poutine Snack Pack $9.99 Coupon Code LN07
  • Poutine & Drink $6.99 Coupon Code LN01
  • Nugget Snack packs $9.99 Coupon code LN05

Order through Harvey’s Application and check off the offers you plan to redeem; order online through their ordering system, and enter the Harveys coupons Canada codes at checkout.


How to Use the Harveys Coupons:

Just take the printed coupon to the Cashier if dining in the order; you are sure to find the perfect meal from Use at the Drive Thu – Let the person know when taking you, and this way, the Cashier will have your bill accurate.

  • If you don’t have a printer or want to use the Mobile, you can use the printed coupons and show them on your phone to the Cashier.
  • (


Harveys LifeLife offer on Mondays- Harveys coupons

Lightlife Burgers Monday Special

If you want a Plant-Based Burger with unique Lightlife Burger patties, Visit Harveys on Mondays as they have a Burger Combo for $7.49 every Monday!





Scene Member Coupon Savings- Harveys Coupons Canada

Scene Members can Save

Scene Members: You can redeem a minimum of 500 scene points at any Harvey’s restaurant – to save $5.00 off your bill for every 500 scene points you redeem.




CAA Offers


Download Harvey’s App and get 15% off your next order until September 15, 2022


Harveys Canada Logo

Harvey’s Canada

Harvey’s is a burger chain that is found only in Canada. You will find the perfect meal, from flame-grilled burgers to chicken wraps and Handspun shakes, to hit the spot.

This restaurant was founded in 1959 and has continued to grow and adapt over time and is known for its delicious food and great prices that are tough to beat.

Each burger is charbroiled to perfection. The recipe has remained the same from the beginning. It is already perfect, so why mess with a good thing?


About & History of Harveys Canada Take Out

Harvey’s Canada was one of the whole fast-food drive-in, take-out idea innovators. In 1959, they came up with ideas that would become the industry’s hallmarks in the years to come.

They would take on a different look and feel, but the views would be very similar. Before computers would take care of the totals, Harvey’s tried to do it themselves.

Initially, the concepts were flawed. It was a situation where the customer would pay for the food, get a receipt and then follow it down the counter. Then, when their burgers got to specific stations, the customers would be there and the counter to specify how they wanted them made.

Harvey’s also had a super special french fry. They had them shipped in from Prince Edward Island, washed and cut and then cooked with the skin for a unique, one-of-a-kind flavour.

Harvey’s has consistently shown innovation and continues to be a great restaurant.

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Harveys Canada Menu

Harvey’s Menu

When you get a look at this menu, you will be impressed.

You will find something you love, from Chicken Burgers to Kids’ Burgers. But, don’t forget about those compliments like Poutine. They complete the meal.

Find more than burgers as well. They also have chicken strips and grilled hot dogs topped the way you want. I’m sure there will be a hit with the kids.

Delicious complements like Poutine, frings, apple pie, and milkshakes.

Just Remember to Save with Harvey’s Coupons to help save money!