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Unique Burger! Think Hero Burger! Save With Coupons

Hero Burger is a New Burger Chain, and only started back in 2003 with a single store, but now fast forward to 2020 and they have over 50 locations. Hero Burger is a Fast Casual Dining Operations that has true Canadian Angus Beef. We know how expensive Eating out is, so We thought you would be interested in finding Savings with Hero Burger Coupons!

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Currently, there are no Coupons or Promotions at this time: But when they reappear – You will find them here.





Hero Burger Halal

Hero Burger chose to use Baretta Farms to get all their beef from. Baretta Farms is an Antibiotic and also Hormone Free Meat. All of Baretta Farms meat is Halal Certified, so all of Hero Burgers Meat is Halal Certified.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t order bacon or other products while you are there.

Build Your Own Hero Burger


Hero Burger Menu

The Hero Burger Menu has lots of selection!

Build Your own – Simply select your protein, Select Your toppings, bun, spice and choose to make it a combo. They also serve Fish and Chicken Burgers, if you were wondering. The Fish includes Salmon or battered Atlantic Haddock.

Hero Burger Zipps: Hero Burger Seems to advertise their Zipps. Which is a Blizzard!

Hero @ Home Meal Kits

Hero Burger features 6 different kits you can take and complete a home.

Each Meal Kit features quality protein and various sides that you can complete at home.

So now you can bring home the Hero Burger Patties to make at home including chicken, and seafood.




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