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Occasional Constipation?

If you answered yes to the previous question that I have a solution for you, Lax-A-Day is a laxative that helps you get your regularity back by working with your body. It can be purchased over the counter.

Doctors will probably tell you to try a slight lifestyle change at first, like eat more fibre, get moving, drink more water, that sort of thing. If you have tried all these things and still suffer from constipation, why not give this product a try.

What people like about Lax A Day

Some of the reasons this product has become so popular are that it is taste, odour, and sugar-free.

They also like the fact that it is easy to swallow. Heck, there is no swallowing involved. You mix the white powder into your favourite drink, and Viola! You are good to go. Literally!!!

The usual dose is taken only once a day, so be patient and wait for it to do its work. Depending on the individual, it may take anywhere from 2-4 days.

Another reason customers like Lax a Day is because it doesn’t have many side effects. Minimal instances of any side effects have been reported. It is also very gentle on the stomach.

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