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We still have time to order from Light In the Box in Canada, for Mother’s Day. I’m not sure what you are thinking about a mother’s day present. But there is so much to choose from at Light in the box, and these little promo codes are always a bonus. Being honest it all comes from China. There have been some bad reviews over the years about them shipping to Canada on time, lost parcels, and duty charges. But sometimes you just need to give it a go yourself. You may find a bargain you just can’t pass up!

They have a great selection of Jewellery as well as Home & Garden.

Light in Box Canada Coupon Codes

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Also, Check out their Clearance Page for deals up to 90% off!

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What Exactly is Light In the Box?

Simply put – Light in the Box is an online company that is located in China back in the year 2007. It’s very much “made in china” ability. They sell a variety of items- Including Grad Dresses and Wedding Dresses, not to mention things like outdoor garden gnomes to shoes and everything in between. Just be careful because everything is mostly shipped from China so pay attention to shipping and the duty you can expect to pay on your parcel of goods when it shows up.

How Does the Taxes and Duty Work Canada?

you will be charged shipping and will have to pay the taxes via the shipping company DHL. But you can pay an additional $10.00 for Duty and tax insurance. So if you end up getting charged more than a $10 duty, you can be refunded for the duty after you create a support ticket at the Light in the Box.

So yes, the duty and tax insurance works! It takes a bit of time (I think for me about 4-6 weeks) for you to get the money back, but it is indeed credited back to your credit card.

How is the Light in the Box Customer Service?

Well personally I didn’t have any issues, but I never had to speak with anyone, only a support ticket.

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My Review of Light in the Box (Custom Fit) From Canada


This is the Dress I initially ordered before I changed its style to reflect my style of black. : All I did was make it Black, and had it custom ordered to fit me like a glove! I carefully used their Size Guide, and took every measurement twice to be certain I had the correct measurement, I didn’t just estimate.

For Myself, I loved it and got lots of compliments that evening. The built-in bra was perfect, and I never once had to re-adjust my Dress! Check out my dress below!



Custom Fit:

Not all items are available for Custom fit – You will find mostly custom fit in Dresses for Special occasions such as Evening Wear, Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids & More. For Me, I had good success and I would attempt to do a custom fit again through Light in the Box from Canada! But that’s my comfort level! If you are not used to shopping online and waiting 4-6 weeks for an item, without going into a full panic mode, Go ahead and give it a try!


Products shipped from China

In some cases, there will be VAT (Value Added Tax), other taxes, customs duties and fees levied by your destination country of Canada

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