We’re here to give you our review about ordering  Light in the Box Canada and our honest opinion on what we would risk ordering and what items we wouldn’t bother purchasing.

What Exactly is Light In the Box?

Put-Light in the Box is an online company located in China 2007. It’s very much a “made in china” ability.  They sell various items- Including Grad Dresses and Wedding Dresses, not to mention things like outdoor garden gnomes, shoes and everything in between.  Just be careful because everything is shipped from China, so pay attention to shipping and the duty you can expect to pay on your parcel of goods when it shows up.

Light in the Box has so many items, some quality, and some no quality; it is very much the wild west on the website; you are rolling the dice, but there are some great deals, and sometimes it is worth the risk to purchase a Graduation dress or Wedding dress for less than a $100 the USA.

If your purchase is not what you expected, you must be patient and have a backup plan.

Consider – Time of your event! Don’t wait until the last minute – Plan 6 months ahead if the item is essential to you.

Do you have a Taylor that can fix the Dress if it is too big?

custom fit dress

Would I suggest ordering from Light in the Box Canada?

Yes, but only if it’s a Custom Fit.  Light in the Box is one of the only websites online where you can order a custom dress for a Bargain. Other than the ability to have selected dresses and suits tailored for you, the company doesn’t offer special, which can’t be found on sites like Amazon, Zulily, Alabina, etc.

I’m NOT suggesting NOT shopping at Light in the Box, but with the lack of customer support, long shipping times, and the S&H plus duty taxes, it doesn’t seem worth the stress to me to get a bargain unless it is for a big Planned event.

  • Yes, I would order a Custom Graduation dress for my daughter.
  • Yes, I would purchase a Wedding dress from Light in the Box, especially if you wanted a 2nd wedding dress for the dance!

I would not spend my time looking for a bargain to purchase the following

  • a sweater
  • pair of boots
  • hat


How Do the Taxes and Duty Work in Canada?

You will be charged shipping and pay the taxes via the DHL shipping company. But you can pay an additional $10.00 for duty and tax insurance. So if you end up getting charged more than a $10 duty, LightBox will refund you for the duty after you create a support ticket at Light in the Box only if you have paid insurance. 

If you have the guts to spend your hard-earned money, buy the insurance if your purchase is over $20.00 in the USA.

So yes, the duty and tax insurance works! It takes a bit of time (I think about 4-6 weeks) to get the money back, but it is credited to your credit card.

How is the Light in the Box Customer Service?

I had no issues, but I never had to speak with anyone, only a support ticket.

You can easily find Lots of Negative reviews on Light in the Box because their customer service is terrible. You will never speak to anyone but a support ticket.

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My Review of Light in the Box (Custom Fit) From Canada


Above is the Dress I initially ordered before I changed its style to reflect my style of black. : All I did was make it Black and had it custom ordered to fit me like a glove ( Picture below)! I carefully used their Size Guide and took every measurement twice to ensure I had the correct height; I didn’t just estimate.

You a custom-sized dress for an extra charge of just USD 19. When ordering, you’ll need to check the box for “Custom measurements” below the dress’ drop-down size menu and put in  your measurements in centimetres

light in box purchase review


Please Note: This is a very NON-fitted dress; it does not hug every part of my body; it was only a custom bra built inside and the height of the Dress.

The Dress was purchased in 2010, and I have not made another purchase from this company. Not because I had a bad experience, I took a risk, and I was happy with the purchase; I just have never bothered purchasing another custom dress.

I did convince a friend of mine to order her son’s graduation tuxedo in Camo from this company in 2017, and it was successful;

I think it needed a bit of an alternation, and one of the buttons was loose, but they were delighted at the result, and I’m sure they would suggest this as an alternative to purchasing a one-time-use item.

Custom Fit:

Not all items are available for Custom fit – You will find mostly custom fit Dresses for Special occasions, such as Evening Wear, Wedding Gowns, Bridesmaids & More. I succeeded and attempted to do a custom fit again through Light in the Box from Canada! But that’s my comfort level! If you are not used to shopping online and waiting 6-8 weeks for an item without going into full panic mode, Go ahead and try it!

Light in the Box Canada Review | Light in the Box Canada

Products shipped from China.

In some cases, there will be VAT (Value Added Tax), other taxes, customs duties and fees levied by your destination country of Canada.

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Have you tried purchasing from Light in the Box? What did you think?