Are you wanting to save money by eating out at McDonald’s? McDonald’s Coupons Canada are available!!!

Well, guess what Canadianfreestuff has your back, and just below are several ways to Save from your McDonalds restaurant in Canada!

New Roundup of McDonald’s Mailer coupons, which you can bet the bottom dollar you can and will save money on lunch, breakfast, or if need be, dinner for the road.

You can redeem these coupons on your phone, or you can choose to print them. Choose the Province below – some dates may vary per Province.

How do I get McDonald’s coupons in Canada?

This is the biggest question we get, and we’ll show you tons of ways to either get coupons or show you other ways to save at Mcdonald’s restaurants.

McDonald’s Coupons Canada (Mobile)

McDonald's Coupons Canada - Great Coupons on Mobile App

Coupons and Saving vary by Province.

One of the best ways to never miss another sale is to use McDonald’s app, where you can always get new offers each week, and sometimes there are special deals on their app to enjoy inside the store, such as Free medium fries an available chicken offer.

Find Below the latest offers for McDonald’s restaurants via their mobile phone app.

This is what showed up for me ( Alberta) and may or may not be the same for you!

Mobile Order Only:

  • 2 Can Dine $12.98
  • 2 Can Dine Breakfast $8.98
  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE  Select Breakfast Sandwich
  • Breakfast Meal deal $4.49
  • Meal Deal $6.49
  • Bagel Breakfast Sandwich $3.00
  • 6 pack L’lil Donuts $3.99
  • Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Select Burgers & Sandwich
  • 10 pc McNuggets Extra Value Meals $16.98

Cheeseburger or Hamburger with min. $1 pre-tax purchase** via the app for first-time users

Click Here to Get the App

McDonald’s Coupons Canada Expires September 26, 2021

New Seniors Discount

McDonald’s Coupons Canada - new mcdonalds coffee discount for Seniors

Some McDonald’s Locations have always given seniors free refills or discounts on coffee, But starting this month, Seniors from all over Canada can now enjoy 20% off on all their coffee or tea purchases.

Gotta Love Seniors Discounts.



How do you redeem coupons on the McDonald’s app?

After you’ve selected the items you wish to order, click on the Add Deal to Mobile Order link in the mobile app to enter your special McDonald’s Coupon Canada codes.

And then proceed with your discount savings.

How can I be sure that Mcdonald’s Coupons Canada is real?

You can always ask customer service, but right now, since McDonald’s uses the Mobile app only to advertise their deals and coupons, you can pretty much guarantee that the coupons found on their official mobile app are authentic.


McDonald’s Summer Drink Days are Back

  • Medium delicious Iced Coffee or medium ice-cold Coca? Cola for $1.00
  • Medium Tropical Coconut Pineapple Smoothie $2 plus tax.
  • Iced ced Frappé or Vanilla Chai Iced Frappé. Blended smooth and only $2 plus tax
  • Pink Lemonade or Red Raspberry Slushie. Try a medium for just $2 plus tax.

Coupons to print

Another Way customers can use coupons inside McDonald’s restaurants is Mailer Coupons ( found in newspapers or your mailbox)

Another Popular Question is: Can I print Mcdonald’s Coupons Canada?

And the Answer to this Question is No

On May 10, 2021, McDonald’s just announced that all Mcdonald’s Coupons Canada will now be found on their app.

Would you please take a look at other Restaurant coupons for your savings opportunity today?


Take a Survey for McD’s Coupon

Take a McDonald’s customer Survey, and you can receive a free food coupon with your next purchase.

Note: You will need a Mcdonald s restaurants’ store number from a recent receipt to participate.

I just completed this survey and was rewarded with the following McDonalds Coupons Canada:

  • Buy any large sandwich and get a medium fries or side salad and a medium soft drink FREE.
  • Or you may get a coupon for a FREE offer or BOGO purchase.

McDonald’s is known to reward free beverages, burgers, and even full meals to complete this survey.

Click here to complete the survey. 

McDonald’s Coupons Canada Offer is Ongoing.

Have this Brand’s Coupons Expired? Would you please take a look at other Restaurant coupons for your savings opportunity today?

More Ways to Save!

Does McDonald’s offer a Senior Discount?

Customers who are older than 65 can save money on beverages at select locations. – Ask your location about Free Refills for seniors.

Check your local restaurant for a Seniors Discount; some locations will offer seniors a deal on free coffee refills.

The McDonald’s App!

McDonald’s has a great Smartphone application where you can scan and earn McCafe Rewards, order ahead of time Plus get Weekly offers right on your phone.

Simply all you need to do is download the application, register and activate it. Next, set up a credit card or debit card payment and turn on your location services and push notifications.  – You are then all Set Up.

How To Use McCafé Mobile Rewards

Earn free McCafé® hot beverages and FREE fries with McCafé® Rewards! This is a great way to get free fries and to enjoy free coffee!

Buy seven hot beverages  ( Including coffee) and get the 8th medium-hot beverage Free! and the same with fries.

Also, to find McDonald’s Coupons Canada, check out Offers when you place your order.

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Can you use coupons more than once?

It will vary on the coupon. Most of the time, it’s per coupon per app, but when Mcdonald’s Coupons Canada releases on Monday mornings.

The coupons expire the following Sunday, so you can use them all week, and it won’t matter how many times you visit.

What is your Favorite Mcdonald’s menu item?

New Mcdonald's Coupons Canada! Save with this McDonald's Coupons, Deals & Specials for Canada, It's that time of year again for some great fast food promo.

I’m sure it’s a tie between their Big Mac and Chicken Nuggets for me. I try and avoid MacDonald altogether, but sometimes while travelling, it is convenient to go through the drive-thru and carry on down the road.

However, I do enjoy, once in a while, the Fish fillet, and If super starved, I will have their Angus Burger.

Drinks: I do love their Iced Coffee – Sugar-Free Vanilla – and love enjoying them all summer long for a small for just $1.00.

And when a milkshake is in order – I heart their chocolate ones! Unless it’s close to St Patrick’s day, then It’s Shamrock Shake all the way!

Summer Drink Days– Every Summer, you can enjoy iced drinks starting at just $1.00! So enjoy the taste of a refreshing drink for just a loonie! What a great way to spend an afternoon with your gal pals.

Winter Value – Enjoy small coffee for just $1.00 – Also, did you know each cup, you can work your way towards a Free one?

Alongside with Mcdonald’s Coupons Canada, Check out other sales and deals and our free samples with Canadian Free Stuff!

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