I love oil promotions. We all need to replace oil in our automobiles at least twice a year, not to mention any other motor we have running during the year, so it’s an easy purchase, and what’s great is getting rebates: Free stuff or Cash Back Rebates in Visa Cards and more,  Now Mobil 1 Rebate is now alive and well.

Mobil 1 Rebate Canada: Free Canadian Tire Gift Card

find out how to get a Free Canadian tire gift card when purchasing 4.73 l of Moile 1 Synthetic Motor oil for your Spring Oil Change!

Mobil 1 Oil Rebate: Free Canadian Tire Gift Card $10 | mobil 1 oil rebate

How to Get a FREE Canadian Tire Gift Card

you will have to upload your receipt ( proof of purchase) of synthetic oil from Mobil 1 in the 4.73 Liter container to get a Free Canadian tire gift card

Next Week: March 23 rd 2023 and March 30, 2023

Your purchase will have to be from one of these stores:

  • Canadian Tire

or Online at these retailers

  • Canadiantire.ca

You have until March 30, 2023, to upload your purchase receipt.


Mobil 1 Rebate Rules

  • Open to Canadian Residents only ( Must Reside in Canada)
  • Purchase Mobil 1 oil at Canadian Tire between March 23 and March 30, 2023
  • While supplies last ( Only 11,000 available)

Click Here to Begin


Offer ends March 31, 2023, or While Supplies Last

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    History of Mobil 1 Oil

    Mobil 1 was first developed by Mary Kay Baker, an engineer at ExxonMobil, in the mid-1970s. At the time, ExxonMobil had been getting requests from Formula One racing teams who wanted a better engine oil that would help them perform better during races. As a result, ExxonMobil began researching new lubrication technologies that could be used for motorsports. After months of research and testing, they finally came up with synthetic motor oil that was designed specifically for high-performance engines. Dubbed Mobil 1, this new oil was released in the early 1970s and quickly became popular with Formula One teams and race car drivers alike.

    While Mobil 1 saw success in racing circles, it wasn’t until the 1970s that regular consumers were able to get their hands on the product. That year, ExxonMobil launched the “Mobil 1 Extended Performance” line which featured motor oils designed specifically for everyday cars and trucks. It contained synthetic base stocks combined with special additives to protect engines against wear and tear even when subjected to long periods of high temperatures or intense driving conditions.

    Fast forward a few decades later, and today Mobil 1 remains one of the most trusted names in synthetic motor oils thanks to its superior performance capabilities compared to standard mineral oils.

    About Exxon Mobile

    Exxon Mobile is the proud owner of Mobil 1 oil products found in stores.  It also carries out oil and gas activity across Canada for Imperial Oil Limited.

    ExxonMobil owns Imperial Oil Limited by almost 70%, Canada’s largest petroleum refiner.

    Exxon has spent 10 Billion in reducing Emissions.

    Oil compuny reduces carbon

    Even oilfield companies themselves are working hard to help lower their emissions annually. Above is a picture of what Exxon Mobil oil did last year and how they invested in reducing their environmental footprint.