FREE Mott’s Fruitsations +Fibre for 1,000 lucky FamilyRaters -Go!!

New Product Review Offer from FamilyRated

FREE Mott’s Fruitsations +Fibre for 1,000 lucky FamilyRaters!

Each cup contains 2 grams of fibre and has no added sugar, no artificial flavours or colours, and contains no gluten or peanuts.

1000 people will be selected!

Apply at the link below.


  • Canadians only
  • FamilyRated member (FREE to join)
  • Apply for Motts Fruitsations +Fibre on the link below!
  • Good Luck!

For extra consideration, help share this opportunity on social media and remember to include #FruitsationsMornings.

Apply for FREE Motts Fruitsations +Fibre Here

You have until January 14, 2018 to apply.

Selected members will be contacted by email during the week of January 15



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Motts Brand Of Products

Motts brand was founded back in 1876 and continues to be a well-known and trusted brand today.

The famous Applesauce was launched in 1930. It seemed that old and young alike, loved the taste of fresh applesauce.

In 1990, other fruits like cherry, raspberry, strawberry, mango peach, and apple cinnamon were added to the list of available products.

Motts Fruitsations Snacks

Mott’s Fruitsations Cups contain a full serving of fruit in every cup. Parents love them because of this fact, kids love them because they just taste good. Comes in a convenient pack that you can carry when you are on-the-go, in your purse, kids lunch boxes, just about anywhere.

They are made with real fruit as well. None of the artificial stuff here.


If you are looking to add more fruit to your families diet, this is one way to do it. Find delicious recipes that use Motts Fruitsations products to give them the added taste as well as nutritional value.



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Mott’s Clamato Caesar

Caesar is known as Canada’s National Cocktail.

This brand was founded in 1969 and as grown in popularity each and every year it seems.

The Motts logo and Mott’s Clamato brand logos are easily recognizable and trusted by Canadians.

Mott’s Applesauce

Another popular product that carries the Mott’s name is Applesauce. They are the number one producer of an healthy applesauce. Both kids and adults alike love this product.

This natural Applesauce does not contain any additives or preservatives. It is 100% natural. Cholesterol and Sodium free as well which is a huge plus in my opinion.

There is a full product line of Motts Juices and Applesauces available





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