Free Nicoderm Patches & Nicorette Gum

Nicorette Nicoderm Free Quit Smoking kit



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Free Nicoderm Patches & Nicorette Gum

It’s the time of year again where smokers are planning to Quit as their new year’s resolution for 2021, and many smokers will be looking for ways to Quit, and so does our Health Care. As usual, there is a new promotion for a Free Smokers Trial kit to help you quit smoking today with the following free Nicoderm patches and Nicorette gum.

This 2020 year, the Smokers’ Helpline is offering Smokers that want to quit a free Quit Smoking kit, which will include the following

  • Nicoderm patches
  • Nicoderm gum sample pack
  • and a discount coupon for $10.00 off plus an information card on quitting smoking with these two products’ help.

Also, Smokers Helpline has support and counselling in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island and the Yukon

Click Here to Register for a free trial pack

or call 1-866-641-7675

Check out the most Valid Free Samples Available 

Nicorette Gum

This Nicorette gum will relieve those cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Nicorette Lozenge

Same relief from cravings and withdrawal but found in a tiny lozenge.

Nicorette Inhaler

An inhaler that contains nicotine. This product has been clinically proven to help you quit smoking.

Nicorette Quickmist

This product takes just 60 seconds to work. If you need relief, FAST try the Quickest.

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Nicorette Nicoderm Free Quit Smoking kit


  1. I would like to try the Nicoderm patch and the quick mist spray. Can i get some samples for free to try or a coupon for free products? I have been smoking for a while now and I have heard good things about these products. I am on Government Assistance and i would like try and hopefully they will work and then i can buy them.
    Thank You.


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