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Once Upon a Time, like in 2020, you could sign up for Slurpee Newsletter and get a coupon to redeem a Slurpee for just $0.99, but it seems 7-Eleven has done away with their newsletters and is now focused on the mobile app.

If you didn’t know, 7-Eleven now offers their App members Two Medium Slurpee coupons for $1.00 each and a chance to earn more points in July.

The only way you can now save on a Slurpee is through 7-Eleven Rewards

Slurpee Day at 7 Eleven


Calling all Slurpee fanatics, mark your calendars! Every year on July 11th, you can join in the celebration of free frozen refreshments and grab a complimentary 12-ounce drink at any 7-Eleven near you.

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Where can I use this Coupon?

You can only use this Slurpee Coupon at your local 7 11 stores across Canada.

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Bring Your Cup Day for Slurpees

Bring Your own Cup Day @ Black Friday at 7-Eleven Stores.

On Black Friday, the ultimate bargain shopping day of the year, avid budget-friendly shoppers can look forward to Bring Your Cup Day and get their fill for an unbeatable price! Bring your own large cup – or mug if you’d like – so that all those sugary savings don’t runneth over.

Slurpee Flavours at 7 Eleven

Nothing can quench your summertime thirst and beat the heat like a Slurpee from 7-Eleven! Over 70 unique flavours offer something for everyone, so stop by today to satisfy that craving before it’s gone. Whether you’re prepping for an epic road trip or just looking forward to a sweet afternoon treat – don’t forget about slushy heaven at 7-Eleven!

  • Blue Vanilla
  • Pink Grapefruit Lemonade
  • Fanta Dragon Fruit
  • Mountain Dew Blue Shock
  • Slurpuccino

Unlock the flavour of summer with Slurpee! Quench your thirst and delight your taste buds with refreshing flavours. Get that sugary sweetness you love, or make it healthier by choosing sugar-free options.

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