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Off Woods has been a favourite in Canada when it comes to keeping the mosquitos away from buzzing and biting you. Lots f choices of products to choose from, and scents.

There are currently no physical Coupons for OFF Woods products, but we all can save money this summer with Cash Rebates. It’s almost as good as coupons.

The Company Checkout51 currently has OFF Woods Rebates, where you can save $2.00 off Cash Back and Claim it up to 5 times.

What’s good about Cash Rebates is you can also use them on your online shopping as well.

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Walmart has OFF! Deep Woods Mosquito Insect Repellent Spray, 230g $9.97 for two products) 

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off Deep Woods Spray

off deep woods insect repellent ( With Deet)

The off Deep Woods Insect repellent is one of the most popular “OFF!” products. The New “Dry” line off Deep woods is designed to be a bit drier than regular oily spray.  Deep Woods usually works well for those spots where many mosquitoes hang out, like in a Wooden area where it is moist.

OFF! Deep Woods Insect Repellent Aerosol – is designed to help repel mosquitoes for 608 hours, and it may even help keep away ticks, deer and fish flies.

About Off  Brand

Off has been protecting people from pesky mosquitoes for more than 50 years

OFF! brand products are available in personal spray aerosol cans, kid-friendly spritz bottles, as well as their new clip-on product. They even include area bug repellant for when you’re outdoors.

Off is part of SC Johnson Group.

Did you know Deep Wood OFF! does not have an expiry date?  I guess we can assume it can last a very long time! But how much effect it still has will be a consideration.