20 Uses For Bounce Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets were invented by a man named Conrad J Gaiser in the 1960’s who came up with the idea when his wife was tired of having to run downstairs to catch their final rinse cycle in the basement of their four-story duplex. Shortly after he invented it he sold it to Proctor & Gamble who sold it as Bounce Dryer Sheets.

A lot has changed since the 1960’s invention from the different scents to how they are marketed. This has also given creative people a chance to come up with amazing uses for them over the years.

Let’s take a look at 20 ways you can use dryer sheets:

1. Dust with them. You can do this with already used ones as they still usually have a little anti-static life in them.


2. Make your clothes smell nice long after they come out of the dryer by placing on in each drawer of your dresser.


3. Help for hair fly-aways; Run a Bounce dryer sheet through your hair on days where humidity is an issue and see the end to fly-aways.


4. Don’t reach for paper towels in the laundry room. Instead, clean up spills and lint with a used dryer sheet.


5. If you have a troublesome foot odor, place a dryer sheet cut in half in your shoes.


6. Place a Bounce dryer sheet in your luggage to keep it smelling fresh when not in use.


7. Toss a new Bounce dryer sheet in with your diaper bag to keep diaper odors away. This is especially useful on days when you won’t be near a changing station regularly.


8. Keep your bathroom smelling nice with a little toilet paper trick: Place a Bounce dryer sheet in your toilet roll. When you use the roll, you will release a little scent into the air!


9. For a little aromatherapy, place a Fresh Lavender scented Bounce Dryer sheet in your pillow case so you can have a relaxing sleep.


10. In a pinch, a used Bounce Dryer sheet works great as a Swiffer mop sheet.


11. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, a used Bounce dryer sheet works well as a fire starter.


12. To keep gym bags and sports bags smelling nice, place a new dryer sheet in the bottom of the bag and keep musty and sweaty smells at bay.


13. Forget the lint roller; use a dryer sheet to remove pet hair from your clothes. Not only will it get rid of unsightly pet hair, but also leave you smelling refreshed!


14. Place a used dryer sheet in your vacuum’s dust bag if you have an older model. It will freshen the air as you clean.


15. Keep a few in your car, new and used. Use the new ones for freshening by placing under your seat and the used ones for wiping up stuff on your dash and bugs off your windshield.


16. Before you pack your camping gear and sleeping bags away, place a couple of dryer sheets in your equipment to keep it smelling nice and not musty.


17. Ward off nasty garbage pail smells by placing a new Bounce dryer sheet in the bottom of your can.


18. Clean shoes and bags with a used Bounce dryer sheet for a nice shine.


19. Bugs are said to hate dryer sheets. Place a dryer sheet in the rafters or another hiding place and bugs will stay away.


20. Dust your flat-screen TV and computer screen. A used Bounce Dryer sheet will be great for removing the dust without scratching the surface.

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