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Philips Savings for Canada.

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Company Profile

By 2015 this company plans to be THE global leader in health and well-being products.

Their brand promise reads, and I quote.

“sense and simplicity.”

They believe that they have advanced solutions to your problems and can meet your needs with a product that is easy to use, convenient, and top quality. This is what you have known to come and expect from a brand like Philips.

Philips History

The history of this brand is mind-blowing. In 1891 the Philips & Co. in Eindhoven company was formed in the Netherlands. It started by making lamps, and before they knew it, they were one of the largest producers in Europe.

They believe that the only way to create products that we will buy is to LISTEN to the consumer. Where there is a need, there is a chance to invent a product.

Each year Philips earns at least 50(if not more) design awards. Now that’s impressive.

 Philips Products

The list of available products that contain this brand name is enormous. It is tough to do a summary of all the available products that they offer. Some of the more popular items would be;

The Philips Avent Feeding System: from newborns to the growing toddler, these products transition with your baby. Find breast pumps, bottles, insulated cups, and more.

  • Satin Perfect Epilator
  • Philips Sonicare

and many more.

Check out Philips Canada’s webpage for more information on these as well as other products available today.


When Phillips started in 1891 making lamps, they probably never expected the level of success they have today. Phillips Canada is prosperous because they make a wide variety of quality products, but they make those products because they listen to what consumers say. Not all companies look to consumers, but Phillips Canada has built quite a successful company by doing so.


When it comes to the products provided by Phillips Canada, there isn’t enough room to list them all. They create everything from breast pumps to men’s shavers. They even have sonic products for dental care, like the Sonic AirFloss. Just about every household in Canada has some product made by Phillips Canada. Since this is one company that has realized a high level of success by listening to consumers, you can bet that they will continue this practice well into the future.