Post It Notes Coupon for Canada: Printable Savings Available – Save $1.50

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Here is the latest Post-It Coupons for Canada 2020.

  • Save $1.50 OFF the purchase of any Two (2) Post-it Brand Products

This Post-It coupon is available in Print format only.

Print Coupon for Post-it Notes Here

Post It Coupons expiry date is unknown.


Has the Post It Coupons expired? Find more printable coupons here




About Post It:

The Post-it Note was invented not by mistake but by discovery. A scientist discovered a unique light adhesive, but couldn’t find a use for it, then years later a colleague remembered the adhesive, and thought it work great to use as a bookmark for his church hymnal. The rest of the story:

Today Post It has more than 4000 products.

Do you use Post it notes?

I love sticky paper! I use similar items on my fridge to write down stuff I need, I don’t always pick up my phone and put it in – call me old fashioned – but its just as quick to do!

I loved sticky notes at the office – great for passwords and message posting for what needs to be done on task right away!

I notice Banks really use the Post it Flags – for placing your signature on larger documents where you can’t miss them.


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