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It’s the PASS THE LOVE 2016 – “Keep Up Challenge”

Enter for a chance to win $5000 for your local Soccer Club.

Join the “Keep Up” Challenge. Twenty clubs with the most points will be eligible to win the $5000 grand prize. One club will be chosen as the winner at the end of the process.


  • . Must be 13+ (parental permission required if under 13) and resident of Canada to participate

“Canadian Youth Soccer Clubs (each a “Club” and collectively the “Clubs”) must be in good standing with their respective Provincial Soccer Association, as determined by the Canadian Soccer Association (“CSA”), to be considered an eligible Club for the contest.”

How To Earn Those Points

  1. Public participation via video upload.
  2. Challenges – Challenges will be posted to the Site throughout the Contest Period. Site users may participate in the challenge
  3. Video Share

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This contest ended on May 30, 2016

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Ritz Canada

These crackers are best described as flaky, buttery, and just plain delicious. The taste that we were introduced to as children is still a family favourite.

I remember snacking on these with my grandfather as a child, and now my kids love them.

The one thing that I always think about when I see the Ritz logo is the 1980’s commercial…” Sittin on the Ritz” with the little boy in a top hat and Fred Astaire’s song playing in the background. It was so cute!!!

I’m sure many of you have a favourite Ritz memory. Maybe that should be their next contest.


The Ritz snack cracker was introduced by Nabisco back in 1934 and continued to be very popular.


Ritz Crackers and Mini Ritz Crackers are a great way to satisfy your hunger.

Crackers come in the following varieties;

  • Original and Cheese Flavor

Mini Crackers come in the following varieties;

  • Original and Multi-Packs

The mini crackers are fairly new. They are crunchy, bite-sized pieces that come in convenient snack-sized bags. Take them with you wherever you go for a quick and filling snack.