Enter the latest Ritz Cracker Contest! Where you can enter prizes such as Gift Cards and Cash. Ritz Cracker hasn’t done a contest in the last few years, so Now is the time to support them, hoping they continue to create more of them.

Ritz Contest 2023: Welcome New Flavours

Some people love the Receipt Scan to win contests because fewer people enter them, creating better odds of winning. If you are one of those people, you will love this contest.


Grand prize $1000.00 Grocery Retailer Gift Card

Weekly Prizes $$100 Gift Card ( 200 total)

How to Enter

With Entry

Purchase 3 Boxes of Ritz Cracker products and Upload your receipt for your chance to enter to win the contest.

Without Entry

To enter without making a purchase, an eligible entrant must complete the Contest registration form by accessing the following link: welcomenewflavours.ca/en/np-registration, the entrant may provide a 25-100 word essay about their favourite way to enjoy crackers.

Contest Rules

  • Open to Residents of Canada
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Daily Entry  (total limit of 20 Entries into the Contest per person)

Click Here to Enter  (With Purchase)

Click Here to Enter (NO-Purchase 1 Time Entry)


The contest Ends June 30, 2023

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Free Sample

    Ritz Crackers Canada

    The story of Ritz Crackers began in 1934 with a baker from New York named Ignaz Schwinn. He created the first Ritz Cracker as part of a contest hosted by Nabisco. His recipe for a savoury, buttery cracker was an instant hit and soon became a popular snack across North America

    Initially, Ritz Crackers were produced in the same bakery where Schwinn first created them. However, due to increasing demand for this new treat, production eventually moved to more giant factories and distribution centers. Over time, Ritz Crackers has become a household name and is now sold in over 100 countries worldwide.


    Today, Ritz Crackers remains one of Canada’s most beloved snacks. Its original recipe has remained largely unchanged since its inception nearly 90 years ago. The company continues to focus on creating great-tasting products that everyone can enjoy while also focusing on bringing convenience and comfort to its consumers through its various product offerings, such as cracker sandwiches and snack packs.