Scotties Coupons For Canada: Print/Mail Saving Available

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Scotties Coupon for Canada.

The following coupons are available in Print and Mailed format.

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Tip Walmart has Scotties Supreme 6pk for $7.47 (Regular Price) 

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Scotties Contest

Scotties Facial Tissue Deal



Scotties Facial Tissue

Scotties products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved.

Wondering why there is dust or lint found in tissue cartons? I always have. Apparently, Dust is a normal by-product of the tissue manufacturing process. Scotties, however, try to remove all they can before packaging.

These tissue cartons are made from recycled materials.

Scotties Designer Series

Have you heard of Scotties Designer Series? Scotties and Umbra have teamed up to create 3 unique, and not to mention gorgeous box designs for those of you that are style savvy. They also have a limited edition version.

Scotties Lotion Tissues

These tissues contain a lotion and are soft on little(or big) noses. They are 3-ply and contain Aloe and Vitamin E.

About Scotties Enviro Care Products:

  • Canada’s Only and the 1st to provide facial tissue made with 100% recycled materials.
  • Get 10% more tissues than regular Scotties tissues.
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in 6pks and Singles

Prices of Scotties Products

  • Scotties 6pks go for $7.49 at Walmart ( Regular price)
  • Scotties 9pks go for $10.47 Regular Price at Walmart
  • Scotties 18pks go for $19.27 Regular Price at Walmart

About Scotties:

Scotties products have been around since 1955 and been produced here in Canada by Kruger products found in Quebec.

Scotties are owned by Scott Paper Company

Kimberly Clark then acquired Scott Paper in 1997 but was required to sell it to the Kruger



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  1. I was wondering why the tissue come out 3 at a time some times up to 5 when pulling one out


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