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Jun 7, 2020 Join our Private facebook Group!

Sign up for Similac Club, and you will receive free samples and Similac coupons for future purchases on Similac Products valued at $200.00. Some people have had problems receiving their package. Some have had greater success by calling in to see what happened to their package if this is you – Perhaps give them a call 1-800-670-7878 to know when you could expect your package.

Similac Coupons – FREE for Baby

What you will get by Belonging to Similac Club

  • Free Sample of Similac Product
  • Similac Rebate Cheques
  • Information on Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding.

Join Similac Club Today

Ongoing Free Coupons

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Saving More with Similac

Upon the arrival of your Similac Club package, take a look at your cheques and other similar coupons you received, and take a good look at the expiry date. Just to be sure you actually use the coupons. IF you end up not using them – make sure you give it to a person who can save money on formula or toddler food.

Use Coupons with Sales! 

If you combine using your coupon and a sale! That’s the maximum savings.! So never be shy pulling out those coupons when your similar product is on sale! It doesn’t matter if its on sale or clearance.

How many Similac coupons can I use?

You can only use one coupon per Similac Item. If you have 2 tubs of formula powder, you can use two coupons.

Similac Club Canada – 1-877-SIMILAC (1-877-746-4522)
Monday to Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET (Ontario time)

Similac Mom Product

Similac Mom

Similac Mom is the first and only nutritional beverage for pregnant women and breastfeeding moms — a convenient source of protein and energy to help meet your increased nutrient requirements. A perfect complement to your healthy diet, it’s completely balanced nutrition packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

Where to buy Similac mom in Canada?

You can purchase Similac mom at Walmart stores, Shoppers Drug Mart, and many of the Loblaws stores.

About Similac

Similac was born back in 1920;s by a man named Alfred Bosworth. But formula really didn’t make a demand until the 1950s and with evaporated milk. Yes, moms who couldn’t breastfeed would feed their babies evaporated milk from time to time. Crazy hey! Well, not every mom had cows that could be milked!


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  1. hi i would love to have coupons for baby his turn g 1 year and i wanna continue to gave him the milk he likes. love to have coupons for formula, baby needs anything u can gave me. thank you

  2. Hi would love to get coupons for my baby she will be turning 11 months soon, would be great if get coupons or samples for my little one like formula, baby needs, car seat, etc.
    Thank you,

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