Shoppers Army has a new Mission for Canadians. This month you can apply to try for a chance to try out Tetley Tea New Flavours! We haven’t seen a free Tetley tea sample in almost a year, and the last one was through Chickadvisor back in April 2020.

Tetley Tea Samples are available in 2 delicious varieties, and here is your chance to try them for FREE: ( Well = it’s a FREE Product REBATE) to Be Clear.

  • Earl Grey Vanilla
  • Lemon Ginger

How to Get FREE Tetley Tea Free Samples

Login to your Shoppers Army Account. ( It’s entirely FREE to Register)

Head over into your Missions and be on the lookout for this graphic

Shoppers Army Mission

  1. Select Mission
  2. There will be a page giving you instructions on how to apply
  3. Click Next
  4. Answer Mission Questions
  5. Wait to see if you Qualify ( by email )

IF you Qualify 

  • You will have 3 Days to purchase the product ( Must be Exact products )
  • You will then have to upload proof of purchase and take photos
  • Wait to be reimbursed

Shoppers Army Mission Rules:

  • Not everyone who applies will receive a mission
  • Available to Canadian Residents ( On Canadian Side, the USA has their site login and missions)


Observations from a freebie Expert.

  • The Missions seem to be Long lasting on the mission page (Months)
  • There has been complaints as well as positive reviews on the rebate process  ( time lags)
  • Contact Shoppers Army for best Resolutions if you have any issues


Click Here to Register or Login into Shoppers Army


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Did this offer expire?

Check out the latest freebies available. 

Tetley Tea Choices:

  • Black Tea
  • Orange Pekoe Tea
  • Green Tea Herbal Tea
  • Flavoured Black Tea
  • Red Tea
  • Green Tea
  • cocktail-inspired Herbal Tea
  • Tassimo Discs
  • 100% Steamed Green Teas

Tetley is a British beverage manufacturer and is the world’s 2nd most significant distributor of tea. Tetley is sold across 40 countries and sells over 60 branded tea bags.  It’s the largest tea company in Canada and the 2nd largest in the USA by volume. Tetley founded back in the year of 1837.

Does specialty tea contain caffeine?
Answer: if the tea is flavoured, either black or green = Yes, it would contain approximately 28 mg to 34 mg of caffeine.