Tinactin Coupon for Canada.

  • Save $2.50 on the purchase of any Tinactin product.


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Tinactin Prices :

Walmart:( Regular)

  • Tinactin® Chill™ Deodorant Powder Spray $10.97
  • Tinactin® Antifungal Powder $11.97
  • Tinactin® Antifungal Cream $14.27

Trin Actin -For Feet

Tinactin Products are designed for foot problems such as fungal, jock itch, and other moisture problems.  The products come in Cream, Spray, and Powder.

Tinactin Chill

Tinactin Chill is a liquid powder spray designed to help cure athletes’ feet in 4 weeks or be used as a preventative.  It’s the newest to the family for this brand.

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