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Wonder Bread Canada

If you love to indulge in white bread, then Discover Wonder Bread! It’s one of the softest pieces of bread around, and goes lovely into any toaster! Get Saving with Wonder Bread Coupons!

Yum, slightly brown toasted toast, with some Apple Butter spread on top makes the perfect morning snack. Now with these savings, you can afford it!

Wonder Bread Coupon

A High-Value Coupon! Save 50% off! This bread can easily be found even at Regular prices for $2.00 – Essentially you are getting the bread for just $1.00 each without looking for hard for a sale.

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Wonder Bread loaves 

Available in Print Format only

limit of two coupons per computer

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The coupon expiry date is December 31, 2020

Also, you can still save on Wonder Bread Buns ==>> Click Here 

Check Below for Canadian Pricing 





pricing sale

Wonder Bread Pricing

No Frills ( Alberta ) WonderWhite Bread Regular Price is $2.00 on sale expected $1.88 

Loblaws Has recently had a Mix and Match for 2 for $6.00

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Wonder Bread

About the Company

Wonder Bread is actually part of the Weston Company

It has been around for years.

It seems like we have all grown up with wonderbread in our house, and it can really remind us of our childhood since this bread brand has been around for almost 100 years.

It has No Artificial colours, or flavours, and actually does not contain high fructose corn syrup, and is now proudly Non-Project Verified.


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