7 Reasons You May Never Be Good at Couponing



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7 Reasons You May Never Be Good at Couponing

Millions of people are out there who passionately collect coupons and use them at the time of shopping. You might be surprised to know that couponing has become an industry itself! There are even TV shows like Extreme Couponing that shows crazy couponers saving hundreds of bucks on their grocery and weekly shopping.

Still, there are many people who are not good at or don’t want to use coupons. Are you one of them? Have you ever thought what might be the reason behind it? Well, we’ve tried to figure out. Let’s see if anyone of these ring a bell.

You are afraid of public embarrassment.

Well, it’s not as extreme as it sounds but the thought of ‘what other people may think’ is a real deal. Sometimes, you might muster up the courage to get a coupon from a store’s tear pad but step back the next moment thinking of the humiliation should anyone see you. You can’t take it if your neighbour thinks that you can’t afford to pay the full price for a coffee jar.

The cashiers are not a fan of coupons.

Many cashiers don’t like coupons because these add up to their work (they have to readjust the bills and read the fine print should the coupons don’t scan). Needless to say, it also makes the line in front of the cash register pile up. You don’t use coupons because you don’t want to face such a situation.

The eye-rollers and grumblers!

All the couponers have to tolerate the sighs, looks, and comments that come from the people in the checkout line behind them. There will be no exception even if you go for shopping during the weekdays and business hours. Couponing is not your game if you are too worried about the complaints.


You hate to argue.

It’s not rare to bump into some cashiers who just don’t know how to handle coupons. You have to have the skill and energy to argue to get your way in those situations. If you’re not good at that, say goodbye to couponing.

You give up easily.

Some stores just use every excuse possible to avoid accepting coupons. You have to know the store policies very well to fight back. Otherwise, you can’t do anything except for listening to their weird reasons and walking away.


You have a bad experience in the past.

It keeps so many people out of using coupons! Grabbing coupons is so easy that you can just collect them from the tar pad of the stores and the products you have bought. Despite that, you don’t use them because of previous bad experiences. It’s indeed frustrating to carry a wad of discount cards to the store but seeing none of them ringing upright.

You are a skeptic.

You may have a challenging attitude towards life and you believe that nothing comes easily. So, you find the idea of collecting coupons and get discounts just by showing them at the stores suspicious because it seems like a piece of cake! However, remember that overthinking kills happiness and your couponing journey in this case.

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