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Cottonelle Coupons

Three new coupons are available for Cottonelle products from the Kimberly-Clark site.

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  • $2.00 OFF on the purchase of any Cottonelle® Mega Roll (Maximum of TWO per purchase)
  • $4.00 OFF on purchase of ONE (1) Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes (4 x 42ct. or 168ct. pack wipes or higher)
  • $2.00 OFF on purchase of ONE (1) Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes 2x42ct.(total 84ct.)

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     About Cottonelle

    Cottonelle is a Kimberly Clarke line of products sold under Kleenex? Cottonelle was introduced to Canada and the USA in 1972 and has become one of North America’s most prominent names in bathroom tissue products?

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    Cottonelle Product List

    • Cottonelle Clean Care Toilet Paper
    • Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care Toilet Paper
    • Cottonelle Gentle Care Cleansing Cloths
    • Cottonelle Fresh Care Cleansing Cloths
    • Cottonelle Gentle Care Toilet Paper

    Cottonelle Canda has been taking care of family needs since 1974. Sometimes marketed under Kleenex, Cottonelle Canada is there for every sneeze, sniffle, and other hygiene need your family may have.

    Other tissue papers can be painful to use on delicate parts. Consumers today can expect more than just the bare minimum for their money. When you use a product on the most sensitive parts of your body or your child’s body, you want it to be soft and resilient. Cottonelle Canada offers soft, absorbent materials for you and your family.

    When you want a product you can rely on to take of the needs of you and your family, look to Cottonelle Canada. Whether under Cottonelle or Kleenex, you know you are getting what you need from it.