7 Ways to Decorate Babybel cheese Appetizers




Babybel cheese is a great shape to decorate and use your fun decorating Martha Stewart side of you to come out and create some fun either for kids’ lunch or for a party of some sort! Red & White is the key – unless you go nude for cheese!

I know I don’t have great Martha Stewart skills, but I’m pretty okay at following directions! I thought there would be a lot more neat ideas to be found – but unfortunately not that many choices for how-to tutorials online!

Bel Bunnies


Photo Credit: Blessed Beyond Crazy.com

Blessed Beyond Crazy: Create Cool looking bunnies by using the cheese naked and using as a face. Perfect Healthy Snack for kids!

She has a great step by step tutorial on how to re-create these cute little Babybel bunnies

Cheese Monsters!


Photo Credit: Danya Banya

Danya Banya: Create Cheese Monsters by using decorative eyeballs and cutting the red wax!

This site has a great tutorial on how to create cheese monsters using just a few ingredients to re-create this fabulous plate with ideas.

Babybel Cheese Tuxedo


Photo Credit: Cute Food for Kids

Cute Food for Kids:  Create little Tuxedos and Dresses – perfect idea for a bridal party.

Not the best tutorial – but they simply use a knife and food marker to artistically create the look.


Photo Credit: Eat amazing

Eat Amazing  Create cute little Crabs with your next Babybel Cheese.

Simply cut and bend the red wax to re-create this crab.

Penguin Cheese


Photo Credit: Eats Amazing

Eats Amazing: Create Penguins by cutting the wax, adding eyeballs and beak

Recreate this adorable Penguin using her basic tutorial.


Photo Credit: Cute Foods for Kids!

Cute Foods for Kids – Create Poke balls – like Pokemon!

A Good Tutorial on how to re-create this look by using simple tools such as a sharp knife, straw, and some black paper.

Girls & Boys


Photo Credit: 100layercakelet

100layercakelet -create people characters with your Babybel Cheese.

Great step by step tutorial on how to re-create these little characters.

Babybel Cheese Artwork

Check out the following




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