, Frugal Spring Cleaning Tips


If you decided to start your spring cleaning and thought you needed to make a large investment in supplies, think again. What you really need are some frugal spring cleaning tips. Your house has been shut up all winter. Do you really want to open it up and start cleaning so you can lace everything with chemicals and spend a fortune in supplies? Probably not.

 Frugal Spring Cleaning Tips


Make Your Own Cleaners

The most obvious way to save money on cleaning supplies is to not buy them at all. If you have lemons, vinegar, and baking soda, you have just about everything you need to get your house clean. Use lemon to polish furniture and bring the shine back to areas that need it. Use vinegar with or without baking soda for those stubborn stains. Baking soda also works great as an abrasive that won’t damage your appliances. You can even soak your shower head in vinegar and put some baking soda and vinegar in your drain to clean the drain out.

Find New Uses for Old Clothes

If you plan to put any of your old clothes up for sale, but those in a pile of their own for cleaning before the sale. Use other items to make clothes for the kids or use them for cleaning. Old socks make great dust rags. Adult shirts can be amended to make a dress for your little girl. Cotton t-shirts are also great for washing the car, windows, or mirrors.

Cleaning Awkward Spots

Part of spring cleaning involves cleaning areas that just aren’t any fun to reach. You probably have an old paint roller laying around someplace. If it won’t turn anymore, that can be even better. Remove the end of your mop or broom. Screw the paint roller onto the end of the mop or broomstick. Use this to clean ceilings, wall, ceiling fans and other hard to reach areas.

 Time Tips

One of the most valuable frugal spring cleaning tips that you can have is to go in the right order. Work from top to bottom, from outside to inside. That means you do the ceilings before the floors and closets before the rooms. This allows you to sort as you go and to knock the dust and grime down, where you have yet to clean. Before you wash anything, give it a good dusting with an old t-shirt. This will prevent having to use too many washcloths and cleaners. You want to save these for the real deep cleaning. You might also want to wear a mask or a bandana around your mouth and nose so you don’t have to inhale all the dust as you clean.

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