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Healthy Essentials Used to have a Printable Coupon for Lactaid

that was valued at $2.00. Unfortunately, Healthy Essential no longer has web coupons offered anymore, but this company has been known to put the odd offer on Digital Rebates such as

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What is Lactaid?

Lactaid helps make milk and other dairy products more digestible for people who are more sensitive to digesting lactose products. It helps by preventing diarrhea, gas and bloating.

How does Lactaid Help? 

Lactaid products contain a natural source of the lactase enzyme to help replace the body’s missing enzyme.  It breaks down the lactose into simple sugars that are then digested more easily.

Product Forms

Supplements: Tablets and caplets  take when consuming dairy products
Drops:  Add to dairy source 24 hours before consuming
Milk: Pretreated with drops