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London Drugs Reward Program

London Drugs has a reward program called LD Extras, after all, most Canadian pharmacies have some kind of a rewards program whether its Airmiles, Aeroplan, optimum points, or like London Drugs a simple points program.

London Drugs LDExtras – Canada’s latest loyalty program

LD Experts

In October of 2016, London Drugs ( a strictly Western Canadian drug store chain ) launched its own loyalty rewards program called LDExtras
The program is simple, you simply just need to create an account online, instore or you can download the mobile apple to get started.  There is No Plastic Card to carry, and since it’s attached to your phone number, you can simply give the clerk your phone number.

The Uniqueness of the LD Extras program, is there are NO points to collect, but rather they simply “track your visits”, and a visit is anytime you spend $10 or more at a London Drug store.
LD Extra Rewards

Get Bonus Visits by taking advantage of Bonus Visit Events, and you can even get a Bonus visit each time you fill a prescription.
Once you collect enough ‘visits’ you unlock your Extras, hence the name LDExtras!


Joining LDExtra  perks

When you first Sign up for LDExtra you will get the following perks

  • a $5.00 Birthday gift Voucher
  • a Coupon /Coupon Code for a featured brand
  • Extended 30 Day Return Policy ( Compared to 15 days for Non-members)
  • Photo Lab – Save $3.00 next purchase for every $50 spent at London Drugs PhotoLab



LD Extra Free $5 Voucher

The Best Reward the LD Extra Gives you is you will receive a $5.00 Gift Voucher with every 10th visit.  In order to qualify for a visit, it requires you to have spent $10.00 per visit. So it is possible to get a 5% return if you can manage to just spend $10 per visit, but well hell, I can’t seem to walk out of Shoppers Drug Mart with less than $50.00 so I’m not sure if I could get a 5% return at London Drugs.  But its a nice perk, and it is easy to track,


Also for Each Visit, you will receive an entry into their Shopping Spree Contest valued at $2500.00

Personalized Offers Over Time

Based on what you are spending your money on during your LD Extras “visits” you will find more Extra Savings opportunities in your account.  For me and just singing up I had a $2.00 off coupon for Webber Natural Vitamins, with no visit history.

I believe since they “Price Match ” you can probably use your special Coupon Code London Drugs will give you a bit more Savings.

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Overall: My opinion – is the LD Extra Rewards Program is okay, but nothing to really write home about! One nice thing about London Drugs is they do Price Match and have a good selection of products to choose from, such as small appliances, on top of Top Shelf Beauty products, Computers, Cameras, cell phone plans and more!

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