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Wasa Crispbread

This company was first introduced back in 1919 and is now the biggest maker of crispbread in the world. You can now find this product in over 40 different countries.

Charles Edward Lundstrom was the founder. He opened the very first location in Sweden.

Wasa also makes soft Bread. They realize that some people prefer crispbread, while others prefer a softer version. That’s one of the main reasons a soft dough was made. They wanted to ensure the same taste and nutritional value in a milder version. Consumers love it!!

Here are just some of the available flavours for your enjoyment;

  • Husman
  • Original
  • Sourdough Multigrain
  • Sport
  • Sport+
  • Havre
  • Delikatess
  • Delikatess Sesame
  • Delikatess Linseed
  • Multigrain
  • Sesame
  • Frukost
  • Frukost Wholegrain
  • and many more.

New Sourdough

If you like Sourdough, you are going to love Wasa Sourdough. It was introduced in March and is starting to become a favourite worldwide.

The Wasa Name

This name comes from two names…” Wasa” and “bröd” Brod is the Swedish term for Bread, and Wasa comes from the name of a Swedish king Gustav Vasa.

They usually go by the name of Wasa for worldwide recognition, however.

The shelf life of Wasa Bread is ten months. That’s pretty sweet. That is, of course, when kept under proper storage conditions. See best before the date to ensure freshness and quality.

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