, What does it mean Limit one coupon per purchase?


What does it mean Limit one coupon per purchase


“Limit one coupon per purchase.”

Everyone needs to have a solid understanding of the fine print on your coupon. The phrase “1 coupon per purchase” –  simply means you need to have a coupon per item.  It simply just means you may NOT use 2 of the same coupons for the same product.

“One Coupon Per Purchase”

Everyone gets hooked up on the word “purchase” but should never be confused with the idea of the term “shopping trip” or the other word “transaction”. It’s just another way of saying “one coupon per item”.

This term can often confuse many cashiers just to be warned! Especially the sloppy term on some coupons “limit one per purchase” –  You can either try and reason with the cashier and explain the difference in terminology, or do “multiple transactions” or ask to speak to the manager.  Usually, this problem is simply encountered because the cashier is new at processing coupons. Read What Cashiers Look at on Coupons

Here’s an example: 

If you have 3 Bounce Sheets and you have Three Bounce coupons for $1.00 off any Bounce products. You can use one coupon per box of Bounce Sheets.


In the same Scenario, you have three bounce sheet boxes, but your coupon is for Buy 3 Save $ 5.00. The shopper can only use 1 Coupon for the three-box sheets purchased.

One Coupon “Per Transaction”

At times there may be a few coupons out there that do state “1 Coupon per transaction” this does mean 1 per shopping trip.

If you happen to have a few of these types of coupons – You need to decide to exit the store and either go to a new store that accepts coupons or re-enter the store and choose a different cashier.

When trying to understand the fine print on the coupon, remember Words like “transaction” or “shopping trip” refer to the entire shopping order. The words “purchase” or “purchase of item” means you can use one coupon for every item purchased, even if you have tons of coupons for a lot of things!

, What does it mean Limit one coupon per purchase?