Costco Coupons Valid till July 5 2015

Costco Coupons Valid till July 5 2015

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Costco Canada has released  this weeks newest handouts for all provinces:   These handouts are available till  July 5   2015.  The handouts are separated between sections of the country. Only Members of good standing may use these instant coupons and you will automatically receive the discount at checkout.

Western Canada Costco Handouts

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba

  • Save $7.00  OFF Brita Pitcher replacement filters. 8pk
  • Save $4.00 OFF Gatorade or G2 Sport drink. 28 x 591 mL.
  • Save $3.50 OFF Iceberg Frozen treat variety pack. 40 x 75 mL.
  • Save $4.00 OFF Bounty Plus Paper towels. 12 x 102 sheets.
  • Save $3.25 OFF Zavida Coffee Hazelnut vanilla coffee beans.
  • Save .$3.00 OFF Nature Valley Trail mix bars. pack of 36.
  • Save $3 OFF Oasis 100% juice variety pack.
  • Save $2.50 OFF POM Wonderful Pomegranate juice.
  • Save $2.20 OFF Cheer Pure Clean Liquid laundry detergent. 110 loads.
  • Save $2.00 OFF Food Should Taste Good Multi grain chips.
  • Save $5 OFF Jamieson B12 vitamins timed release. 1,200 mcg, 180 tablets.
  • Save $6 OFF Webber Naturals Glucosamine and chondroitin

Eastern Costco Canada Handouts

Ontario,  and Atlantic provinces.

  • Save $7.00 OFF Brita Pitcher replacement filters.
  • Save $6.00  OFF Finish Quantum, Quantum Max Dishwasher detergent.
  • Save $4.00 OFF Perrier Sparkling mineral water.
  • Save $3.50 OFF Iceberg Frozen treat variety pack.
  • Save $3 OFF Skoulakis Greek-style pork souvlaki.
  • Save $2.50 OFF General Mills Multi-Grain Cheerios.
  • Save $6 OFF Webber Naturals Glucosamine and chondroitin.
  • Save $5 OFF Jamieson B12 vitamins timed release.

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Costco Coupon Policy

Costco does not allow to use any other coupons but their own.  You will find Coupons given to you at the door by the person checking your membership card.  These pamphlets are not required for the discount, and will be automatically deducted at checkout.

Join Costco

You will need to be a Member to shop at Costco or at least know someone with a card to enter the store.

You can shop at Costco with a Gift Card without having a Membership

You can get a yearly subscription for $55.00 or  for an Executive $110.00 for Businesses but can get in at the $55 yearly rate.

Get Bonus Aeroplan Points when you purchase your membership online with the use of coupon codes

Costco Photo Center

Costco is a great place to get your photo’s done and you can set it up online and get it all done, and simply pick them up when shopping at the Photo center.

What is Costco:

Costco’s is a membership warehouse. You must pay a yearly membership in order to shop at these stores to be able to shop at low prices.

Costco wholesale items for low prices is the biggest attraction for members. Costco is able to get low prices in bulk and then share the savings with its members.  As the customer (member ) also needs to buy in bulk for many items. except for clothes and other larger items such as hot tubs, playground and seasonal stuff.

There is no fancy shelving – just a warehouse with a cement store.

Kirkland – is Costco NO Name brand. You can find some great items under this umbrella – My favorites are bathroom tissue and garbage bags just to mention a few. – Keeps you up to date with the latest coupon books each Monday Morning.

Costco Membership Fees

The Executive Membership – $110.00 per year
Annual 2% Reward

The Business Membership – $55.00 per year
Available for business owners and managers

The Gold Star Membership – $55.00 per year
For Individuals and Households

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