The new Feed Good Rewards Program is new to fellow Canadians, It’s hosted from Bimbo, Canada, and this is all about bread and creating food for ourselves and loved ones.  You can get bread coupons, give points to charity for free food, and use points towards winning in their latest contest.

Feed Good Coupons for Bread

Takis Vachon Dempster coupons

It is time to take advantage of the New Feed Good Rewards Program and obtain valuable coupons before participating in the contest. Head over to the coupon section to get your hands on Villaggio Bread coupons and extra Dempster’s coupons to grow your savings.

Remember to check out  Villaggio Coupons and Dempsters Coupons 

Feel Good Monthly Contest

Earn some points by viewing, sharing, and rating the recipes that spark your interest. You’ll rack up rewards that can be used towards winning one of ten $250 Grocery Gift Cards.  Take a chance to grab some extra cash in your pocket while discovering new lunch recipes!

Contest Rules:

  • Open to Residents of Canada
  • Quebec Friendly
  • Age of Majority
  • Monthly Entry ( odd) Max 10 entries per month.

Click Here to Enter Contest

Ends Monthly



How to Get Feel Good points

If you want to score extra points toward reaching your goals, look no further! FEELGOOD offers a variety of ways to earn points for free without having to spend a dime. You can earn 500 points just by viewing the day’s recipe or 1000 points by sharing a recipe with your friends and family. Rating a recipe will get you 500 points, and subscribing to their newsletter will earn you an additional 500 points.


Donate Points

You can now make a difference and give back to the community by donating just 2000 points. By donating, you’ll take part in delivering one meal straight to the food bank, where it will go to individuals who need it most. It’s a small action that could significantly impact someone’s life. Take this opportunity to help those around you and spread positivity through this simple act of kindness to FEEL GOOD!