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How to Keep Your Veggies Fresh Longer

There’s nothing wrong in loading during your weekly trips to the farmers market or getting carried away by the in-season sales and discounts at the fresh produce section of your favourite retailer. The problem is when you forget about the veggies only to find them days later withering and rotting in your crisper drawer.

So, how can you keep your veggies fresh for longer? Follow our tips and you’ll never be out of fresh veggies or herbs on your dining table:

When Fridge Is Not the Option!

Putting tomatoes, potatoes, and onions in the fridge seems to be a guaranteed way to keep them fresh for a longer time. Not exactly! Keeping them under cold temperatures actually destroys their flavours and ruins their texture.

Keep them in a bowl lined with paper towels with the stems of tomatoes and onions at the top. The place should be cool, dry, and away from heat sources and direct sunlight.

Paper Towel Can Be Lifesaver!

Salad greens and fresh herbs should be consumed within 1-2 days of purchase. However, if you want to enjoy them fresh later, toss rotten leaves from the bunch and wrap them unwashed with paper towels. Put different varieties in separate bags filled with a little air, seal tightly, and store them in the veggie bin.

If your greens are too sandy or dirty, rinse them well and then soak the water up with paper towels. After that, zip them in plastic bags after wrapping with paper towels.

Moisturize the Carrots

Many of us like carrots in our salad or soup but the dried-out look of old carrots is not tempting at all. To keep them fresh longer, you have to store them in a moisturized place because moisture keeps the carrots fresh. Chop off their leafy greens and put them in bubble wrap before storing them in the fridge. You can also put them in a water-filled container and then store it in the fridge after sealing with plastic wrap.

Keep Broccoli and Lettuce Unwashed

A few types of other salad produce such as broccoli and lettuce start to spoil as soon as they’re picked. To extend their refrigerated life in fresh condition, keep them unwashed and absorb their moisture with a paper towel. After that, keep them sealed in separate plastic bags and store in the crisper in your fridge.

An Ice Bath for Breathing Life Back to Herbs

Have you frequently forgotten about the greens after storing them in the fridge? Don’t worry, we all do that. So, how to bring the greens that have become wilted due to the cold temperature back to life? Well, give them an ice bath! Take ice water in a large bowl and shake the greens around a bit to revive them. A minute or two will be enough to get them looking fresh and new!

A Hot Bath to Delay Spoilage

Freezing the almost ripe veggies does not help much. To lengthen their life, you have to chop them into pieces and immerse hem in boiling water briefly. Now, store them in below-freezing temperatures. A hot water bath will delay spoilage by neutralizing bacteria present in ripe veggies. In this way, you can store eggplant, cabbage, cucumbers, onions, green beans, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, bell peppers, celery, and lots of other veggies and herbs.

These smart tricks will help you overcome the guilt over food waste. They will help the produce keep fresh longer and save your money and time for grocery shopping.

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