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2 FREE packs of Keurig k-cups With Purchase

  • You may register up to 3 machines and are eligible to receive an offer for two free K Cups ( 22/24/25 count) or Vue Pack ( 12 or 16 pk) or Rivo 18 packages with the purchases of 2 boxes.

Provide your brewer’s serial number, date, and place of Purchase.

*Note: The offer has been changed; it is now a buy two boxes get two boxes free Coupon Code: Must be done online 

Enjoy 2 FREE boxes of Keurig K-Cups

Keurig licensed coffee machines should also be registered with those who manufactured them.

M.r Coffee or call 1800-672-6333

Cuisinart or call 1800-211-9604

Breville or call 1-866-BREVILLE

After online registrations are verified, Keirug will email a coupon code to you. It may take a week to confirm and deliver the coupon code.

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