Order Your FREE McGruff Safe Kits For Canada

FREE McGruff Child Safe Kit

McGruff Free Safe Kits –

You are permitted to request up to five free kits per household.

What is the McGruff Safe Kit you might ask? 

“The McGruff Safe Kit is endorsed and supported by the International Union of Police Associations.

In the United States and Canada, nearly 500,000 children are reported missing each year!

The Safe Kit is an invaluable resource in a time of crisis when every second count. Best of all we are offering these kits at no cost to the public.

The Safe Kit contains a fingerprint system with an inking strip, detailed sheets; allowing you to record your child’s vital information and more.”

Click here to order your FREE McGruff Safe Kit

This free offer is valid for a limited time only.

McGruff The Crime Dog

This animated character increases crime awareness and personal safety in the United States. The free McGruff Safety Kits are now available in Canada as well. Be sure to order yours now.

Costumes are used to reach children and are used by police officers.



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