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Coupons for Pampers Canada


Sep 21, 2020

Save money on Pampers With Coupons

Showing you how to Save money with Pampers Coupons! Those babies are expensive with using wipes, and diapers on a daily basis! But We are here to help you out! We are always on the hunt to help you find all the pamper coupons for Canada in one single spot.

Pampers Canada Coupons 2020. 

  • Save $2.50 off when you purchase Cruiser Diapers
  • Save $2.00 off when you purchase Swaddlers diapers
  • Save $3.00 off when you purchase Pampers Pure or Swaddlers Diapers
  • Save $2.00 off when you purchase Easy Ups diapers
  • Save $1.50 off when purchasing Wipes

Available in Print or Mailed format.

Not all coupons are available at all the links below.

Coupon Expiry Dates are unknown.

Coupons Expired?

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Shopping Tips for Pampers:

Remember to look for coupons on this page to save with any Pamper products you find o sale at your local Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, or Loblaws. Another good place for savings is by using your Pamper Rewards.

Check out those package sizes! Pampers Sensitive wipes compared to Soft Care wipes cost about the same, but Soft Care has a few more wipes!

Stock Up when you find a bargain, and you have multiple coupons at once. But just pay attention to how many diapers you purchase ahead of time, as those babies have a habit of growing fast.

Watch for PC Optimum offers, for spending money at Shoppers Drug Mart or Other Loblaws grocery stores, This could work out to be a winner if you find an offer for Spend $75 and get 10,000 points or similar.

Also, be on the lookout in your local Newspapers for the PG Brand Saver Insert that comes out every few months for more Pampers coupons of this brand



About Pampers

When it comes to baby gear, Pampers is about as trusted a name as there is the industry. From wet wipes to diapers and everything that keeps baby clean and dry, Pampers Canada provides quality products and has been doing so for quite a long time. Pampers is arguably the biggest name in diapers on the planet.


Keeping a baby clean and dry is the aim of every parent, and Pampers is continually finding new and improved ways to do that. Diapers are not the only things they have to offer, however. They carry pull-ups, wet wipes and even swim-pants that can keep the youngsters clean while enjoying the swimming pool. Don’t forget to use Pamper Coupons when shopping for Diapers and wipes!


While they do have some competition in the form of Huggies and a few others, Pampers is the name that most people think of when they consider diapers or pull-ups for their children. This name and brand recognition assures they are to stay in the running for the market share in the industry in years to come.

You can also find other coupons available online right now.



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