Sale Whale Canada is a website and mobile application that can san save you lots of time and even some cash when you know how to use it!

Introducing Sale Whale Canada!

It Accesses all your local flyers based on your location, and you can set it to look up as far as 200km away from you, so if you are planning to shop in a nearby town or city, you can set it up to pick up those stores as well.

Now Available on iPhone and Android – Download the App ( Its FREE )

SaleWhale App

Sale Whale Canada- Easy to price compare via flyers

All you need to do is enter what you want to purchase at the Sale whale website. So if you are in the market for a New TV, you can then enter the word TV, and it will search all your local flyers and give you the results of all TVs that were listed in the flyer.

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Set Up Alerts On Sale Whale App!

You can set up alerts for certain words if you know what you will be looking for in advance. So if you know your BBQ is on its last legs, start the alert on the word BBQ and let the Sale Whale Canada mobile app alert you when it becomes available.

Sale Whale Canada

Sale Whale Canada- Use for Grocery Shopping Tips

You can use the Sale Whale App for Groceries as well! Although it would be time-consuming to enter per item on your list to find out where it’s on sale – But there would be No stopping so if you chose to do this!

Grocery Lists!

But if you are simply in need of Chicken Breast – You could look up which grocery stores in your local area have it on sale! That’s one Option.

Price Match on Sale Whale Canada!

Use SaleWhale for Price Matching. If you are a big shopper of Loblaws stores or Walmart – Most of these places Price Match, so you can easily use SaleWhale for your Price Matching and save some money on groceries.

Sale Whale Canada Coupons

If you have coupons that are expiring or want a Checkout51 Rebate to do some cashback offers, Sale Whale could come to the rescue.