Free Energy Bar – Example of Fake Freebie


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Try EnergiOne Vegan Superfood Bar.

These Energy bars don’t have any sugar or fat in them but are packed with Chia seeds, an excellent protein and fibre source!

I’m a bit concerned about this website just collecting email addresses – as they only have 1 page – and yes, there is a privacy page, but that is it.

Try at Your Own Risk if you decide, But I would Not because of Red Flags.

But There are RED Flags. The offer is FAKE!

  1. This company only has two pages.
  2. After you submit your information, you have to click ads to “Qualify.”
  3. The disclosure page includes that you will be asked to leave the site to offer

Click Here to Apply 

(DON’T Apply) but check it out so you can see what a True Scam can look like in this day and age. 

Offer expires when Samples are exhausted.

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  1. I totally agree with you. But I wanted to show an example of what You should be aware of! I didn’t even put in my information since it was only two pages big.

  2. I tried to request one and the whole thing seems very sketchy, especially the messages after submitting the request – maybe you’ll get it maybe you won’t it says? Then if you click on this other thing then for sure we’ll send it to you – clicked on it and it’s a fake ad thing oh couch here to win an iPad cruise and BMW all at once kind of thing. Disappointed to see this one posted on this site

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