Tim Hortons Coupons This Week ( Mobile)


Tim Hortons Coupons

Sep 21, 2020

Today we will help you discover impressive Savings with Tim Horton’s promotions such as coupons and offers to help save you money on your next order of Coffee at Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons Coupons become available a few times a year, but you can find savings all year, and we will show you how to Save with Tim Hortons Coupons and other promotions.

Tim Hortons Coupons ( Mobile) 

You must activate the next coupon offers on your Mobile App device to be able to use them.

  • Medium Iced Capps 2 for $4.00
  • 10 Pack of Timbits $1.49
  • Any Classic Breakfast Sandwich $1.99
  • Save $2.00 off When you spend $10
  • Get a Bonus 60 Points when you order ahead via the App

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Coupons Expire

Get Your Tim Hortons Delivered for FREE!

Tim Hortons Free Delivery


The free Delivery offer is valid until September 30, 2020, at participating restaurants in Canada. The order placed online or on the application with a Minimum order f $9.00. Limit one per single qualifying purchase per person. Other fees may apply


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How to Save Money at Tim Hortons

There are several ways to save money at Timmy’s. Enjoy the following tips and tricks and other hot deals currently being served right now, not including the Tim Horton Coupon offers as above.

Tim Hortons Rewards Card

I love my Timmy’s coffee, so I always use my Tim Hortons Rewards Card. I get every 7th drink order, I will receive a FREE Coffee, Well that’s how I roll with it, but I’m a coffee drinker. You can get other items such as doughnuts, and some different drinks with it as well.

Earn 10 points for an eligible purchase and redeem points for menu items within your chosen rewards level. Just like the old Tim Hortons Rewards, it will be every 7th coffee will be free as a Free Coffee is 70 points. I find the Rewards card to be better than Tim Hortons Coupons any day of the week.

Seasonal Promotions

Tim Hortons has excellent promotions throughout the year! And they help various charities throughout the year such as Kids Camp, Canada Day, Smiles, and a few other ones I can’t seem to recall off the top of my head. But many times Tim Hortons has great Promotions, Oh and we can’t forget Roll up the Rim to Win Contests in the Springtime, they will offer Free Doughnuts with purchase, and of course, have special doughnuts to purchase for a $1.00 in support kids groups.

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How Was Tim Horton’s Created?

The business was founded by Miles G. “Tim” Horton, who played in the National Hockey League from 1949 until he died in a traffic collision in 1974.


Ron Joyce’s Expanded Tim Hortons business, which resulted in significant changes to the Canadian coffee and doughnut restaurant market


The Tim Hortons Restaurant has grown as big as it is today, and has expanded to several locations found in the USA and other Canadian Destinations.


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  1. I agree with you! I hate the apps, they should do them via email at least, I find apps are buggy and always an issue with service. But Now nobody uses desktops, and everyone uses mobile, and companies are simply serving the masses of how people are using promotions.

  2. I am feeling discriminated against since you only offer coupons to people who have access to apps. You should make printable options available to the rest of us or create a mailing list. I know the world is going digital but not everyone owns the required technology.

  3. Many of us do not use APPS and don’t want to. Suddenly, we are relegated to second class status. Your whole world is built around your APP. Good for you. So I/we can’t take advantage of your coupons and special offers unless we have an App. Okay! If you’be decided that we are not good enough for you then we’ll take our business elsewhere. You business has been down for a while now. In response you exacerbate the situation by excluding a lot of formerly loyal customers. All this because we don’t have and/or don’t want an APP. There are many of us that do not have technical skills and have no idea even how to load an APP.

    Oh well. Good luck with everything.

    Stay safe.


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