Tim Hortons FREE Reusable Cup offer for March 10 is Postponed Until Later in the Year

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Updated on March 9, 2020.

Tim Hortons originally announced they would be giving away 1.8 Million Re-usable Cups FREE on March 10.

In light of the recent health concerns with COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Tim Hortons has decided to post-pone the giveaway until later in the year.

Tim Hortons has also temporarily suspended the use of re-usable cups at all it’s locations in Canada.

We will make sure to post and let our fans know when this FREE Reusable Cup Offer is available again.

Tim Hortons FREE Reusable Cup offer.

To kick off the Roll Up The Rim Contest, Tim Hortons will be giving out 1.8 million reusable hot beverage cups for free on March 10, 2020 Only (while supplies last).

This is being done as part of Tim Hortons 10-year commitment to change consumer perceptions and habits towards using reusable cups.

Free cups will be available at Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada. Simply visit your favourite local Tim Hortons location on March 10, 2020 to claim your free cup!

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Tim Hortons offer is Valid March 10, 2020 ONLY Offer postponed until later this year

Use your new cup during the Roll Up The Rim Contest to gain Bonus entries.

Get all the CONTEST details HERE


The Tim Hortons Brand

This company is most popular for its coffee and doughnuts. The ever famous Double-Double was first termed by Tim Horton’s locations. Their food and coffee is so good that their line-ups are constantly full. Whether it be the drive-thru line or the line up at the counter. People love their products and keep coming back wanting more.

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  1. My husband is sight impaired but he has been going to Tim Hortons everyday for ever. In the past 2years I have dropped him off because his sight is worse and he is getting s little bit of Dementia now so I take him over about 3days a week now because I don’t like to leave him to long. His friends meet him though and he enjoys his Bran muffin and coffee. I always have to have a coffee and muffin when I pick him up. We enjoy the Timmies on Chemong Rd in Peterborough Ontario. Staff are so obliging with my husband and he speaks very highly of them. They offer to get him another coffee and talk to him when they are cleaning tables

  2. I have an original TIN PIE PLATE with TIM HORTON PIES stamped in the middle. Wondering if there are any more out there. Makes good pies.

  3. The drive thru is the more common way to purchase coffee. These cups will be useless thru the drive thru

  4. Reusable cups are great but should only be allowed for use on walk in. Your drive thru’s are slow enough. The cups will make it worst

  5. I love tim Horton but when you have wait 20 min in line I only 30 min lunch not good

  6. Once again a select few will recieve the free reusable mug. I work in the north and will miss out on this. Also during travelling along major highway whenever stopping into Tim Hortons they dont honour loyalty program. Why bother having it then?

  7. l used to take my reuseable cup into tim hortons (10 years ago)and they would refuse to use it even though it was washed …they would say it was against their policy because it was unsanitary and they would not know what to charge me because they didn’t know how many ounces ….. just saying wow now they are trying to make it look like they are doing great things for the enviroment when we have been trying this on our own for years now ….. Business must be bad Timmy

  8. Since changing to the new coffee urns, your coffee is not the same. Each time I go it taste different, once it was like I got dish water, threw it out, next it was so strong, again I had to throw it out. A waste of my money. Keep it up and I will be going elsewhere.

  9. free cup? but what a a seniors discount?? you make enough money and have a lot of seniors going into Timmy’s so why not a discount?? Mc Donald’s give seniors discount!!

  10. I hardly ever drink your coffee, it tastes burnt since you changed coffee brands. When I order food it is rarely made right it’s a big turn off.


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