Zelen Canada Giveaway Win Converse Shoes

Zelen Canada Giveaway Win Converse Shoes

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Showcasing a plethora of branded footwear, Zelen is an online one-stop-shop for convenience shopping that guarantees value for money purchases.  Acting as a retailer for names like Converse, Dr. Martens, VANS, HAVAIANAS and North Face, Zelen leads in choice amongst those who prefer to shop smart. For people who love to scroll through a good amount of variety before making a purchase, Zelen brings the ultimate shopping experience to derive maximum satisfaction before investing in a commodity like shoes.

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Keep shopping aside; Zelen gives shoe-lovers a creative base for designing their own ideas. You can design a pair of Converse shoes, Zelen or even VAN sneakers and buy them too. All you need to do is to specify your shoe size, select your interest, check for your preference and make an online payment. “Shopping with Zelen is surely a delight as you not only get the best of products at one place, but your choicest purchase is delivered in time, every time


What makes Zelen one of the favorite online shoe stores for many is the fact that not only does it sell the best of brands but that its customer service is also a class apart. Making online shopping one of quickest ways to get home a pair of lovely shoes or boots home, at the cheapest possible rates, is what shopping with Zelen shoes is all about. What’s More: You’ll always find something new on our site. We constantly add new variety to our range of shoes and boots.


ZelenShoes.com is giving away 1 pairs of Converse Shoes for 1 our Canadian Free Stuff readers!

We are thrilled to be able to introduce this Vancouver Company to all our Canadian and of course our American Readers!


  • Open to Canada & USA
  • Enter Daily via Twitter Tweets – Otherwise enter once once only for each entry. 
  • Contest Ends May 31, 2014


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  1. I love me some high top converse! Used to wear them everyday and have been looking for some cool new ones!

  2. I honestly am unsure which type of converse shoes I desire, i’ve never had them! but the high tops do look intriguing!

  3. I’d pick regular Converse shoes every time — I have a pair of black ones that I love beyond belief!

  4. I personally like to wear the low cuts but most of my favourite styles are high tops! I have very skinny ankles so no high tops for me LOL :-)

  5. I always admired converse shoes… but never could afford a pair when i was younger. Now i need a pair to rock with my baby son’s converse; matchy matchy. Regular

  6. I prefer regular, but my 11 year old daughter is a HUGE high top Converse lover, she has almost every color :D

  7. I love converse shoes. They’re classics. I love the high tops and regular. I’d probably go with high tops since more designs can be added. It’s also great to know there’s contests for Canadians. I fond so many that get posted on Canadian sites but Canadians can’t enter. Thanks for this site

  8. long as they are flat I would like the knee length but I wouldnt be picky as long as I can have pink or black.

  9. personally i love them all. my daughter loves the hi-tops.
    in any case, yes please. ‘Chuck’ em our way! :)

  10. We all prefer the regular style at our house (my daughter is even wearing a pair to her graduation!!).

  11. love converse!! Been wearing them since I was a teen and now my boys wear them too! thanks

  12. I would love the regular converse. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this amazing contest. :)

  13. Converse Chuck Taylor 88871 Infant Pink
    Converse Jack Purcell 1Q698 JP White/White
    Converse Chuck Taylor M9007 Pink Low Top

  14. My favorite Converse Shoes that Zelen has are the Converse Chuck Taylor M9622 Navy Hi Top

  15. I love Converse shoes and have been wearing them since I was a teen. Now my 2 sons wear them too. I really like the simple black low rise Converse. classic!

  16. Would love to win the Batman pair for my Batman loving daughter! She has so many converse but never seems to get these when they are in stock!

  17. I LOVE the Converse Chuck Taylor 134853C Blue/Chili Pepper Hi Tops!! I am a HUGE Anglophile and am completely obsessed with all things British!!

  18. I would love to win a pair…i have personally never owned a pair & they look really nice & comfortable :)

  19. I like the Converse Jack Purcell 1S961 Leather White/Navy!!!!! Can go with anything and everything!

  20. I like the Converse Chuck Taylor Charcoal Hi Top, but my daughter would prefer the Black Monochrome XHI

  21. Definitely the Converse Chuck Taylor 106926 Leather White Low Top. Love these shoes

  22. Converse Kids Chuck Taylor 319939 DC Comics Canvas Print Batman Hi Top! Would love to win those for my son!

  23. Converse Jack Purcell 109747 JP Charcoal/White and Converse Chuck Taylor 125597C Suede Leather Black/Black Low Top

  24. My favorite Converse shoes is: Converse Chuck Taylor M9007 Pink Low Top
    Thank you CanadianFreeStuff for your good works! You are very nice! :)

  25. There are no orange colored ones on the site…….orange would be cool. BRING BACK ORANGE!!! There is my protest for the day :0)

  26. I like the Converse Chuck Taylor 1J793 Charcoal Hi Top. they’re nice and simple and exactly what’d i’d wear.

  27. Would love to own the Converse Jack Purcell 1S962 Leather Black/White. My absolute favorites. Converse were my go to runners when I was a teen. The coolest shoes ever.

  28. My first pair of Converse were in grade 5 my parents bought them for me at Bargain Harold’s lol. Would love to win a pair today!

  29. I would like a grey pair of regular converse or maybe a little piece of silver grey taffeta fabric added as well to bling it up !!

  30. Been wearing Converse for over 30 yrs first pair was pink…my favs were red suede…all high tops !

  31. 12:00
    I love my converse high tops…so does my daughter. My favorite ones are the vintage canvass Converse Chuck Taylor M9166 Black Low Top and the comic ones…just wish there was a Spiderman set!! Thanks for the contest !

  32. I’d really love to win a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor 107348 Leather Black Low Top for my daughter!! :)

  33. I love the Converse Kids Chuck Taylor 320821 DC Comics Canvas Print Batman Hi Top, would be so cool for my son!

  34. would love to win these for me or my boys. I have been wearing Converse since I was a teen. great brand!

  35. I love all colors and styles of shoes, have not owned any high tops in many years, I might if I won go with high tops! I luv shoes..:-)

  36. I like regular (“lowtop”) Cons better. My favourite were the no-laces, slip-on ones…I wonder if they still make those?

  37. I still have my pink hightops from 22 years ago!!! Would love a new pair of high tops!!

  38. I love the Converse brand and have been buying them since I was in high school. My 2 sons who play basketball for their school team love them too. thanks for the opportunity to win. Happy holidays!

  39. Some days I prefer the High tops and other days the regular Converse shoes. It usually depends upon what I am wearing or which are in close proximity to me at the time. Either way I love the comfort of Converse shoes.

  40. Completely drool worthy shoes! Doesn’t matter how old you are, these things are always comfortable and in style.

  41. I luv the high tops..for an old gal like me..they would be great for support! :) Merry Christmas to all & Good Luck!!

  42. I love them both. Just depends on what I’m wearing and what mood I’m in before I can pick one.

  43. i love converse so much i had my mom crochet me a pair of converse slippers to wear when i was in the hospital having my daughter and a tiny pair for her as well. :) i would love to win them for me!

  44. I prefer the regular height Converse, I have one pair that I wear to the gym so I’d love another pair for everyday wear!

  45. low top shoes for hubby..;-) I would let him pick which pair he likes if I won:-)

  46. High tops! I have two pairs of Converse high tops and they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. One pair has Mr. Freeze on them, the other has The Riddler!

  47. Love the the high tops, I’ve been wearing them since I was 8yrs old, I’m 35 now and still wearing them, although I have to keep them together with safety pins!!!

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