Learn How to Extreme Couponing in Canada Series.

Extreme Couponing Canada


Extreme Couponing Canada! Learn how to do somewhat of what the USA does, but do it in Canada. We may not be able to get money back and there are a few extreme differences. Every Canada couponer envies those in the USA, where they can double up on coupons. It is very rare here in Canada.

Cheetah has put together a wonderful series of coupon tips and tricks for those of you that would like to become involved in coupons.

I hope you enjoy this series of starting to Extreme Couponing!

  1. Introduction to Coupons ~ Simple Introuction about Cheetah and how she got her start into Couponing.
  2. Couponing for Beginners ~ A brief introduction into coupons in General
  3. How to find Canadian Coupons ~ Describes all the different variety of ways of finding coupons
  4. Tricks of the Trade of Coupons ~ Cheetah describes tricks of the trades of couponing.
  5. Favorite coupon websites ~ Listings of where to find coupon websites online to start.
  6. Learn to Sort & Store Your coupons ~ Learn about coupon binders and a variety of ways to keep you organized
  7. Abbreviations  Coupon Do’s and Don’ts ~ Learning Coupon Lingo, and what Not to do.
  8. Taking it to the Next Level ~ Learn how to trade coupons with other couponers.
  9. Advertisements
  10. Learn How to Print our Coupon Matchups ~ You Tube Video