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A&W Coupons for Canada

Print and redeem these A&W coupons (or show them from your Smartphone) to save big on your next visit to A&W restaurants.

  • Mama Burger, fries, and a regular soft drink – $4.99
  • Papa Burger and Onion Rings – $6.49
  • Two Mozza Burgers – $6.99
  • Mama Burger, a Papa Burger, 2 fries, and 2 regular soft drinks – $10.99
  • Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger – $3.99
  • 3 chicken strips, fries, and a regular soft drink – $6.49
  • Sausage and Egger sandwich – $2.49
  • English Muffin Bacon and Egger sandwich, hash browns and coffee – $4.49.
  • Two eggs, 3 strips of bacon, 2 slices of toast, hash browns, and small coffee – $4.99
  • Two English Muffin Bacon and Egger sandwichs, 2 hash browns and 2 small coffees – $7.99

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A&W coupons expire on May 06, 2018 

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A&W The First Drive In Restaurant

Did you know that A&W opened it’s first drive-in restaurant in 1956 and as grown and adapted with time. The one thing that as never changed is the great tasting, one-of-a-kind food.

The first restaurants served exclusively burgers, onion rings, and frosty Root Beer. Still one of Canada’s favorite beverages. There is something about those foil bags that they serve them in that makes them mouth-watering good.

Currently there are over 700 locations in Canada from East to West and this chain continues to grow in leaps and bounds.


Cruisin’ the Dub

If you are not familiar with the 50’s and 60’s poodle skirt era than the Cruisin’ the Dub will show you exactly what it was. If you are familiar with this era, than let these events take you back in time. Back to a much simpler time really.

These events usually begin in May and continue until September. Summer nights are packed with fun and excitement. See classic cars at their finest and experience a little of what it used to be like then. Some restaurants will even feature fun games, contests, and prizes on the spot during the Crusin’ the Dub events.


A&W Menu

Find delicious products like the following on your next stop;

  • Chubby Chicken
  • Burgers: A wide range to choose from; baby burgers, mozza burgers, papa burgers, momma burgers, grandpa burger, veggie deluxe, buddy burgers, and much more.
  • Sides: Salads, poutine, fries, gravy, coleslaw, onion rings, and more.
  • Drinks
  • Breakfast: Bacon and Eggs, the famous Egger Sandwich(many varieties to choose from)
  • Dessert: Apple Turnovers and Root Beer Lollipops are the main dessert at A&W

On the AW Website you have accesses to all the Nutritional and ingredients in any of their main categories: Burgers, chicken, sides, breakfast, desert, and drinks.

Did you know A&W have 19 different Burgers?  All Family sizes including Baby, mama, Grandpa, Teen, Grandma,  etc.


A&W Rootbeer

Nothing is better than on a hot day is a Cold Root Beer from A&W. Even if it’s store bought – A&W sure has the corner marketed on their yummy Rootbeer. Even better is a Root beer float.




  1. What about people like my friends that have no computer or IPad or mobile phone. They are the people that really need the coupons and I can’t even print them for them as you can only print coupon once!

  2. Not sure if you have a smart phone but you can download an application or show via mobile phone. I don’t think they are that big into mail outs anymore. I haven’t got one by mail at all this year.

  3. We used to get A&W Coupons delivered by Canada Post to our house and in 2017 we have only had them delivered once . We have at least three A&W restaurants within a short distance of us.

  4. Why would the a&aw at Crowsnest Trail and WT Hill Blvd S in Lethbridge refuse to give 20 oz.
    Root beer with a coupon unless we bought a meal?
    Coupon says nothing about a meal. Was valid until Aug. 13
    Cupon A and B .
    C and D say you must purchase a meal.

    Apparently the manage said no…
    People ahead of me just left and bought pop from the gas station. So did I.


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