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Currently owned by Hasbro, Play-Doh is a product mainly aimed at young children. It is a modelling compound made of flour, mineral oil, boric acid, salt, and water, which kids use for making art and craft projects at home and school.

Kutol Products first introduced the product in 1955, which was then taken over by Rainbow Crafts the next year. Hasbro took over its ownership in 1991. The product first started its journey under the name Rainbow Modeling Compound as a cleaning substance that can clean coal residue from wallpaper. However, it was later reworked and marketed as a modelling compound.

Play-Doh is an excellent product that helps children to develop their creative skills. Whether it be making cupcakes and let them swing with a Ferris wheel, decorating dolls and figurines, or creating a galaxy with lots of fighting soldiers, making figures and objects with Play-Doh will spark kids’ imagination.

Hasbro sells readymade Play-Doh toy sets available in various themes including Despicable Me, Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Frozen, etc.; single toys including animal figures, sea creatures, sports items, music instruments, and many more; and teaching tools that help children to develop their critical thinking and problem-solving ability.

You can get the retailers’ list on their website if you want to get the Play-Doh products in Canada.