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Emergen-C Coupon For Canada.

  • Save $4.00 off any on Emergen-C Immune+
  • Save $4.00 off any Emergen C
  • Save $4.00 off on Emergen-C Energy+

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What is Emergen C you might be wondering?

This product is a vitamin supplement mix that contains Vitamin C,  Vitamin B, electrolytes, nutrients, and antioxidants. Find nutritional vitamins to boost energy as well.

If for some reason you cannot seem to get your daily dose of those recommended vitamins and minerals, Emergen C is the way to go.

Comes in a powdered drink mix that contains 16x the vitamin C.

Find a wide variety of flavors. Certain flavors also contain additional supplements like calcium, glucosamine, quercetin, or lycopene.

Popular Products

Original Formula: why mess with a good thing. Find the original formula in a wide range of flavor varieties.

Emergen C Kidz: this drink mix provides the same level of vitamins for your kids but comes in a fun and fizzy kind of drink that the kids will actually want to take.

Contains the following;

250 mg of vitamin C, antioxidants, B vitamins, and electrolytes

Speciality Formulas: find varities like joint health, heart health, electro mixes, and more.

Emergen C Five: contains a whopping 24 nutrients! Comes in a fun and fizzy drink. Find flavors like Peach Passionfruit, Strawberry Kiwi, and Mandarin Orange.

Emergen C Immune+: comes in Citrus and Blueberry Acai to help boost your immune system.



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