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This product is a vitamin supplement mix that contains Vitamin C,  Vitamin B, electrolytes, nutrients, and antioxidants. Find nutritional vitamins to boost energy as well.

If for some reason, you cannot seem to get your daily dose of those recommended vitamins and minerals, Emergen C is the way to go.

  • It comes in a powdered drink mix that contains 16x vitamin C.
  • Find a wide variety of flavours. Certain flavours also contain additional supplements like calcium, glucosamine, quercetin, or lycopene.

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  • Save $5.00 off Emergen-C Immune+.

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    Emergen-C Raspberry 30 count: $13.98ea

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    Emergen C Canada

    My Favourite  Emergen C Products

    My favourite is Emergen-C with Zinc and Vitamin D. I love it because the powder formulation makes it so easy to add to my meals and drinks throughout the day, plus it’s super tasty!

    If you’re looking for a boost of natural energy, try Emergen-C Energy+

    It’s also great because they genuinely taste delicious; I love adding them to my morning juice for a little extra Vitamin C! Seriously, try it out using your Emergen C Coupon

    Why I Swear By Emergen C Vitamin C

    It’s just Plain Good for your body on so many levels

    • People with enough vitamin c in their diet are less likely to catch colds
    • Can help improve cardiovascular health by removing cholesterol from your arteries and high blood pressure
    • Studies have shown that people who get enough vitamin C in their diet are less likely to catch colds
    • Emergen-C has 1,000 milligrams of vitamin c that will give your immune system a huge boost.
    • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps your body fight free radicals.