Natrel Free Printable Cocktail Cheat Sheet

Natrel Free Printable Cocktail Cheat Sheet

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Wondering which glasses are the perfect fit for your next cocktail?

Well, wonder no more.

Natrel as this printable cheat sheet of sorts that will show you the perfect glass to accompany that beverage this Holiday season.

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Natrel Baboo

This product is made with fresh milk that is designed specifically for the transition to other milk products. If you have a breast fed baby or formula fed baby this product will help them transition to regular milk easier.

The brand was founded in January of 2012 and is continuing to grow with leaps and bounds.

Natrel Baboo is available in 1L or  6x250ml sizes.

The Natrel Brand Of Milk and Dairy Products

Has your body changes so should your dairy intake and milk needs, that’s why Natrel as devolped different products to fit your lifestyle.

Milk Products

Natrel Organic cream: found in British Columbia. A perfect substitute for cooking and more

Natrel Organic Milk: Available in BC as well. Filtered organic milk.

Chocolate Milk: found in Ontario and Quebec. Gives you a high level of Vitamin D, protein, and calcium. Is made with 1% milk.

Dark Chocolate Milk: found in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec. Gives a rich dark chocolate taste and packed with Vitamin D, protein, and calcium.

Lactose Free Whipping Cream

Lactose Free Coffee Cream

Natrel Organic Fine-filtered milk

Natrel Café: produced with real cream. A delicious coffee creamer found in Ontario and Quebec.


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