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Clarks Recipe booklet

Clarks Maple Syrup Free Recipe Booklet

Get a FREE PDF download of Clarks Maple Syrup Summer BBQ Recipe Book now

This book is filled with mouthwatering recipes that are sure to please the whole family.

Summer is just around the corner and these delicious dishes can be part of your tradition this year.

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Clarks Maple Syrup

Include this product in your food to add a little rich, natural flavor to your meal.

This company brand as received a Grade Ahasating in the National Food and Safety.

You can still eat healthy with Clarks products.

This Maple Syrup is a special blend of both carob fruit syrup and pure maple syrup. It still has the flavor but still as health benefits.

Enjoy it on the following;

  • pancakes
  • waffles,
  • porridge
  • sweet potato
  • ice cream

Some people like to use Clarks Maple Syrup as a substitute for sugar as well. Contains 25% less calories than sugar.

They get their product from the maple trees of Quebec.


Look for delicious recipes online on how to use Maple Syrup in your everyday cooking.

From drinks and snacks to breads and cakes you are sure to find the perfect recipe for any occasion.

Here are some mouth-watering options;

  • Corn on the cob with barbeque butter
  • Salmon with Clarks Maple Syrup barbeque sauce
  • Sticky Maple Syrup Ribs
  • Spicy Lamp Kebobs
  • Shrove Tuesday(Pancake Day) Recipes
  • and many more.

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